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  • I think it was any very fine balancing act.

  • There was not much leaving.

  • I think what I would appreciate is that the government has kept within the fiscal deficit limits.

  • It has managed it on 3.8% while if you look at some of the core areas like agriculture, like infrastructure, I think there have been modest increases in our place off around 10 to 15%.

  • That way I think they have achieved what was to be a tip off course.

  • One would need to look at specific sectors to comment on what more could have been done.

  • As far as in the budget for the tax perspective is concerned, it's more of an explanation.

  • But what the finance minister said they have opened up the economy.

  • They have boosted the FBI and also try to attack certain details transaction.

  • We are anticipating an equal most business for India approximately 84 billion.

  • But really what could be and they have tried to tax there through one person taxation and try to capture Castro in the economy.

  • Through those, they will put up the economy for no reason to investments and open up different techno foreign restaurant through non residents.

  • If you actually look at it and you hear the speech, there was our mention off.

  • Huge amount off hit to the government office because of simplification off all these, because earlier there was a simplification of corporate tax rates.

  • No on the person tax rates, I think.

  • I'm sure the thief policymakers have looked at it and they have thought about it and how they want to implement on a going forward basis.

  • But if you actually look at it from that perspective, I'm sure it will have some impact on the economy, you know, totally on the GDP on the physical evidence.

  • I think this is certainly will have a larger impact on the official level.

  • Consumption, where much of the action is required at the state level still remains to be addressed.

  • For example, today, if you wantto buy a land or property, you know we are very much dependent on the adminstration, local administration, the state, the laws which are prevailing there.

  • What kind of transaction mechanisms to the head there online systems, off land records and property politics.

  • Most states do not.

  • So you know those are actually holding back economic transactions in certain states.

  • If you see even tow, sell old, what of eager Sze Yu have to physically go to the motor vehicles department now?

  • As long as those barriers are not removed and economic transaction volumes are not encouraged.

  • I think you know, for when we go to percolate down to the state line, it's going to be somewhat difficult, actually, is a mixed bag.

  • It may not be giving you all those elbow rooms which a common man was looking at because Common Man was actually looking at anticipating a TC benefits which on the new regime probably makeover.

  • They have given incentive for various startups.

  • They have differed that taxation for it stops for start up so that they have more disposable income in their hands.

  • They have also tried to bring in various stops for other individual as a less corporate.

  • They have already reduced the corporate tax rate, so the lowest around the world that the fiscal constraints will continue to be there.

  • It's of course, link tow the economic downturn on.

  • Of course, there's an initial period of stabilization, but I think you know the counter effect could come from formalization of the economy because even today it is part of the budget.

  • We heard off even small scale enterprises being incentivize to adopt, you know, cashless transactions.

  • The mood that happens.

  • I think the more formalized the economy begins, becomes and walk.

  • Stakeholders joined the formal economy, and naturally enough, tax collections and other collections increase.

  • It is up to the people who read and see how this comes out on a going forward basis, because while it was one of the longest speeches were ever heard and there are so many things that have been talked about, we will seem times to come how this actually gets implemented.

  • How does this world impact the economy?

  • It's it's a it's a matter of time because while we make state prison person tax, we have to see what has also happened.

  • Another corporate tax evasion, because there are also changes over there.

  • So how this world package as a combined thing, is going to work and come out?

I think it was any very fine balancing act.

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