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  • hello.

  • Welcome to Beth Roy's where we look at your favorite singers to find out what makes them them.

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  • This one came out recently, and it also has a really, really fantastic music videos to go check that out.

  • But for now, let's listen to the live version off Harry styles.

  • Oh, you must have chili feats in that Oh my, you not he a wicked visual.

  • This known to blame but drink my wandering Well, I love about him is he's got this kind of Bari tenor range, but you get the warmth of the baritone and he's worked really hard and his high notes are really, really well done.

  • A beautiful mix generally, and he doesn't always do the most technically mod stuff that you used to do in one direction as often.

  • Sometimes he does, of course, but you just feel safe in his voice.

  • That gets warm.

  • It's emotional, and then he will do the odd, technically mad thing.

  • But you know, he could do that.

  • You don't need him to show it all the time.

  • I think that's really clever and really classy singing, I guess.

  • Forget with us.

  • I love that bit of distortion in there.

  • It's no and I can't take it back.

  • I can't unpack that bag, Okay, I promise I won't keep stuffing it quite so much because this is really beautiful.

  • But he's no over singing anything, and this is something that I could definitely be a copper over in.

  • A lot of people can feeling like we really have to really overseeing something, make it into this big musical thing.

  • He's basically just speaking at Pidge, so when you feel like you're finding it a bit difficult, like it's hard work.

  • Just step back from a think.

  • Is this what I really need to do?

  • How would I say it?

  • How does that feel in my voice when I just speak?

  • Because it's not far off his speaking range, so he doesn't really need to do that much more work.

  • What?

  • This is a thing that I talk about almost him, not signing or feeling like he's doing anything crazy with his voice.

  • However he is, it just feels so stable.

  • It is above the break is just solid on warm, and you just feel safe in the arms of arms of his voice.

  • It's not a thing.

  • What is it he's up to like Jesus up here.

  • It's like Gord, advise my statement.

  • It's technically hard.

  • I guess What I kind of mean by that is that he's done enough work that it doesn't even sound hard anymore, like that's when technique is really good.

  • When you don't have to think about it anymore, and you can just express Andi, no have to worry whether your voice is gonna do it.

  • Oh, no, Best 32 Well, we're right.

  • Too many songs about you.

  • Oh, God, coffees, and it kills me because I know what What?

  • What?

  • I'm just like, Okay, I want to talk about these top notes just so that you are really aware of what he's doing on that to make it signed.

  • So kind of emotionally.

  • Guest also just stylish.

  • So instead of falling again, I'm borrowing again.

  • I mean, that is fine.

  • Those are the correct notes, but he's using these little scripts.

  • Did, uh, these little kind of grace notes up to the top note to be like it gives you that skipping feeling of him?

  • Fine, huh?

  • Calling again on then those slides as well in scoops.

  • So that's going under the note on hitting.

  • Isn't a, uh, wow really going under and then hitting the note?

  • I get the feeling that you need me Sustain is wonderful.

  • Actually, that's not like, higher than any of the other notes is the same has fallen, but that sustain, uh and I loved how he kind of pressed into it to give you think of emotion and then let it go at the end, as if you're like, holding your breath and then you're like, put him on What?

  • What I guess Put it What very talented Molly very gets me.

  • Well, who That one got me very emotional, very good singing.

  • I mean, as I said, That's like the aim for me as a vocal coach to get someone to a place when they can sing, and they don't have to worry about pitching or a little more style or anything.

  • They just couldn't sing their heart out and not worry.

  • If their voice is gonna do what they tell it to, they can just go unexpressed the emotion that they need to thank you for watching.

  • I hope you enjoy it.

  • If you did, please do like and subscribe, and I'll see you in the next one by liar.


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