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make a minute.
She bagged me 30 in this parking.
Need to slow down on the right.
He's got a common *** diner Dentist.
Get the heart.
You're getting out Gun up in my hand while I fuck with my big guy.
We were really in the tree, hugging in the top seven, because way karma Try front of 35 to kill my, you know, top writhe.
A lot of topics were I can't ride the cornerstone done over.
Gotta spin back because I know he did.
I know survival when you shoot a *** writing his head.
Man is questioned by the boy, but, you know, making pronounced bitch making five minutes.
She backed me 30 in this parking lot out on the rice.
He's got a common *** data.
Don't get hard for your love getting out gun up in my hand while I fuck with my dick.
We were really in the tree, Stuck it in the way.
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NLE Choppa - Famous Hoes (Official Music Video)

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 13, 2020
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