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  • way with getting it from in the booth.

  • Go to somebody.

  • I'm gonna park it at my school.

  • P t a meeting people.

  • Often we can do.

  • I'm gonna take your anger.

  • I get the signal out of material or some kind of something.

  • The second number last trigger the signal over.

  • Asked a lot of lower Geoffrey Holder.

  • I didn't get a lovely part of him.

  • But somebody cannot are like, way out.

  • He pulled a confrontation.

  • A total party.

  • Not getting about Mario Cabinet not going by and little he pulling bootleg.

  • Avoid election.

  • That Sultan there.

  • Andi Mach number like a normal car.

  • Originally, Fordham attended a party to be jumpy.

  • Condos on the inland from Africa.

  • You can't even get in the booth out.

  • Remember that land deal today over Ramona?

  • They'll heal 97.

  • Cable back in and but of Cardinal Parolin Lata some with autumn you ordered came in a part of the same time.

  • The valley a total gentleman show.

  • Some are picking the hotel under one year after you.

  • Malcolm on it.

  • I'm not people into thinking they were part of the movie like a Well, you know the victim, Danny.

  • Oh, my love number populated bdp ordered at the corner just in a lot of excitement in a mentor.

  • And a lot of people didn't really matter to me either.

  • Machine any part of your little family?

  • Martini reporter Larry Millie Marcus eating over the side of the political capital.

  • I think our Elijah Wood chipper.

  • I'm a popular guy.

  • Pollock, Army General agreed today because of a 10 year Millie Marcus aren't allowed in the booth.

  • Do what you love and understanding are gonna pop.

  • People settled.

  • I have your mother and I Miss Ray Polito.

  • Hunger for Kanye.

  • Lots of election are in dramatic.

  • You and the campaigns in the report be geopolitical moral.

  • Ah, after him I can do to get back here.

  • I need you to be sure Something among a little began solitude to land on the level of your normal.

  • It's like another Wait.

  • I didn't get my office to get the other.

  • He pulled it out of love with Chain Palatinate.

way with getting it from in the booth.

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ചാന്ദ്നി ചൗക്ക്, ന്യൂഡല്‍ഹി, സൗത്ത് ഡല്‍ഹി മേഖലകളില്‍ എഎപി ആധിപത്യം | Delhi Election Results

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