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  • Good morning. We are going to fill you in on what's happening with the Australian

  • Dollar. In the next couple of minutes we'll fill you in on exchange rates,

  • Aussie dollar trends and forecasts. And we'll share a few tips on how to make

  • sure you get the best exchange rate.

  • Firstly, what are the exchange rates between Aussie dollar and other major

  • currencies at the moment? We're putting them on the screen for you now.

  • Unfortunately, these rates aren't the rates that a bank would offer you for

  • anything relating to currency. Let's have a look at what the four major banks are

  • offering on average to purchase currency or to make a transfer overseas. That's a

  • bit of a difference! The third column here shows you the percentage difference

  • between the actual rate and what you're offered. It's not all bad news. To find

  • out how you can get better exchange rates to either purchase currency or

  • transfer it overseas, head to and select

  • either travel money or money transfers. One of the most effective ways to track

  • the performance of the Australian dollar is to see how it is performing against

  • the US dollar. From a short-term perspective this is what the Aussie/US

  • has looked like over the last week. To get a more thorough idea of how the

  • Australian dollar is performing presently, let's have a look at it over

  • the last 12 months. This gives us a broader view of whether it's currently

  • high or low. So where is the Australian dollar going to go next?

  • Unfortunately, we don't know no one does. But the major banks in Australia do

  • formulate forecasts based on trends and past data. So here is what they're

  • currently predicting for the Australian dollar against other major currencies.

  • Well, that was a lot of information wasn't it? To get more information about

  • the Australian dollar in general, make sure you subscribe to our Channel and

  • turn on notifications. Have a great week!

Good morning. We are going to fill you in on what's happening with the Australian

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