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  • it wasn't unbelievable.

  • Like, uh, I think again, I'd like to give credit to our crowd because I think it was phenomenal.

  • Greatest.

  • You crawl like that, You play like we did the second half.

  • You should win games at home team because I told him they set their own okay, footprint, doing something.

  • Their own history.

  • They made their own history just because of the senior night arrival gave way.

  • That game was proceeding not only statewide but national.

  • That and he's been a difference.

  • Now it's It's a national game.

  • Our was more in the state.

  • It's an hour, you know.

  • We were banquet tonight, your chance to celebrate with those two seniors and a lot of the other players.

  • But those two seniors have been pretty special.

  • They've been too selfless guys, that everything you can do for the team.

  • That's that says the time, this day and age, Although I deserve everything they get after that, the focus will be on the Big 10 tournament championship.

  • I think the best tournament, all the years I've been and your food every Big 10 tournament and I think this will be, uh, past me.

  • I don't know whose first day, now is it Rutgers and Ellen?

  • Two teams that out, the angry one.

  • See, Nobody wants to see Penn State.

  • Nobody wants to see Indiana, which we could see how State is gonna be a different animal because they get West is back and they almost be Wisconsin yesterday.

  • I just think top to bottom conference championship will be the best.

  • As far as one of the two teams we could play, both teams we can play on.

  • The state has the remarkable comeback yesterday that I did not see.

  • We've beaten them twice in Indiana on a four game winning streak.

  • We lost to them twice.

  • Oh, so, er, Indiana is a dangerous team when this last board Morgan Romeo to Better Players league with Jackson at Ohio State and course Weston, both Westerns.

  • But the Big Western who's been out?

  • You think about that one versus and eat nine seed.

  • I'm just not sure we had those caliber teams that down.

  • I don't need a very off, so it should be held a tournament.

  • Great for media, great for fans talk, great players, tough for coaches.

it wasn't unbelievable.

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