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  • Welcome to the Thursday January 22nd 2015 Addition of Earner Berries Market video sponsored by Eastern Poultry and Food Distributors.

  • In today's video, shell egg inventories declined sharply, then later cutting stock.

  • Log values are falling in the chicken market, but first, with expectations for the next cold storage report.

  • Here is your host, Michael Ram Singh.

  • Analysts predict the monthly cold storage report scheduled for release today to show pork and beef socks held in nations freezer warehouses as of the end of December, to be comparable with a month earlier but well below year ago levels.

  • Socks of frozen beef, pork, chicken and turkey combined were pegged it about 7.7% below year ago.

  • For more on the Earner Berry survey and for other information, click on the news tab in Kanto.

  • In other news, egg market reporter Brian Moscow, Jerry discusses how shelling inventories have declined sharply.

  • AtT.

  • The beginning of the year at one of the highest levels ever seen, January shelling inventories have declined sharply and are down by more than 21% in the last two weeks.

  • MIDWEST Large prices receded to a dollar 70 per dozen, the lowest level seen in more than a year.

  • Triggering features and subsequent supply positions are also prompted seasonal Multan slaughter, which were put on hold during the unprecedented holiday run.

  • Producers are also making adjustments to service.

  • California shortages spread between California in the Midwest have ballooned to more than $2 per dozen.

  • Compliance applies across the country are making their way into the state, and prices are encouraging additional production adjustments.

  • East of the Rockies, thes factors have prompted rebounds and our quotations.

  • Throughout the country, Midwest large prices have climbed 8.5% and buyers were taking to the spot market to fill domestic and export needs bounces off.

  • January lows are far from unusual, but typically short lived.

  • That's producers begin to prepare flocks for the Easter period.

  • However, conditions in California, unexpected weather exports or any combination of these factors could counteract traditional trends.

  • Thanks Brian to rip up today's video.

  • Poultry market reporter Terrence Walls looks at how cutting stock walk values are falling.

  • Over the last month, chicken industry observers have paid close attention to the split between the top half and bottom half of the bird, while the top half continues to trend higher.

  • The bottom half has yet to settle out.

  • However, it's not just the dark meat complex that is under pressure right now.

  • Values for whole birds and wogs are also falling, and they're doing so without any grace.

  • After quickly climbing 12 cents per pound between late December and early January, log values hit their peak and then almost immediately began to drop an alarming rate.

  • Now a lackluster demand coming from the industry's fast food buyers has left sellers stranded with a heavier than normal carryover of supply.

  • Another factor that hasn't come up too often and conversation, but it's definitely worth a mention is the impact that dark meat complex has had on whole birds and walks.

  • According to sources, Some processors have shifted their lines over to produce more logs so that they can avoid having to sell dark meat parts at a time when true market value is tough to establish.

  • As a result, asked and pay prices continue to drop with no real end in sight.

  • Thanks, Terrence.

  • That concludes today's show.

  • Thanks for watching and have a great day.

  • This broadcast is sponsored by Eastern Poultry and Food Distributors, wholesalers of poultry, beef, pork and seafood.

Welcome to the Thursday January 22nd 2015 Addition of Earner Berries Market video sponsored by Eastern Poultry and Food Distributors.

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