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  • I try and explain something about coffee televisions.

  • See how that goes.

  • What am I doing here on a hillside in?

  • Well, you flew into a bitter spend.

  • My kind of weird day there flew there that evening on your neighbor. 00:01:4.690 --> 00:01:11.040 Stay the night there and then in the morning, drove down to Peter Lito City near where were visiting from.

  • Wait here to shoot for my film.

  • I have four minutes to explain on national television Why good coffee costs more and why it's worth spending extra money on it right now for the farm belonging to Michael Dial Fonso.

  • It's called Les Branson on.

  • We're gonna go to film some picking.

  • It's gonna happen down.

  • Follow me here.

  • It's also pretty great spot.

  • Talk about altitude because that's pretty steep on the health side, too.

  • So we're gonna cover a few different aspect of what happens on this phone all the way through.

  • Thio him delivering the dry parchment and is covering the coffee together along the way.

  • I hope I get Tau explore a few of the things that I find interesting about coffee in this part of the world.

  • They've had a pretty late harvest, and the harvest has been pretty big.

  • As a result, trees are a little weak, also suffering a little bit of rest a lot, but some have definitely dropped their leaves.

  • At this point, the pick is actually on the fourth pass of the farm of maybe five.

  • Then the next one, probably just to collect overwrites, underwrites to stop them falling to the ground. 00:02:55.440 --> 00:03:4.820 Because Braca little insects that eat coffee from the inside out are a bit of a problem and leaving for it lying around is a sort of invitation for broker.

  • So now the chairs that have been picked, we're gonna bring them here.

  • This is the beneficiary on Don Alfonso's farm on.

  • The first thing we're gonna do is float, which means you put him in a tank.

  • Anything that floats his unripe over.

  • I'm gonna get rid of that.

  • You know him that sinks.

  • That's gonna head on down and report.

  • So this is a pretty great example of a small farm doing interesting stuff here.

  • It's fermented.

  • And then right now they're washing the coffee.

  • Then they'll spread it out here on these routes.

  • And this is it.

  • This is a small farm producing coffee all the way down.

  • Thio parchment. 00:05:59.040 --> 00:06:1.730 Wear little town called Palestrina. 00:06:2.030 --> 00:06:4.440 She's just outside of Italy on. 00:06:4.440 --> 00:06:8.680 We're gonna go to the caravan, a warehouse where they receive parchment coffee. 00:06:9.310 --> 00:06:35.460 I'm looking grading and simple hosting and that So this is the quality control lab here at Palestinian caravan here.

  • So this is a list of running behind me, then comes from copies. 00:06:54.530 --> 00:07:4.520 So the reason I chose to come to reel her in the first place is because of the coffee's here, my whole coffee life have drunk our vision, this region and just love with love. 00:07:4.530 --> 00:07:7.280 The kind of fruit love, the kind of sweetness that they have. 00:07:7.790 --> 00:07:9.700 It is kind of all of the fruit of Kenya. 00:07:9.710 --> 00:07:12.270 And then all of that crazy sweeteners for born coffees.

  • It was kind of kind of like a perfect blend of everything.

  • I love not every region.

  • How's it taste?

  • Profile?

  • Many regions of just growing regions that geographic.

  • But it's not taste.

  • We definitely is one where you can taste that coffee come from this place for me coming here.

  • I kind of wanted a chance to try and understand why it tasted that way.

  • Is it the varieties?

  • Is it soil?

  • Is it the altitude?

  • I wanted to understand what it is that makes coffees from this region taste the way that they do.

  • That was the motivation for me to pick.

  • This place is place to come with a TV crew to try and share a little bit about what makes good coffee.

  • What goes into a good coffee to share with a much, much wider audience?

I try and explain something about coffee televisions.

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#17 - Huila, Colombia. Coffee farming from above!

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