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  • Seema, that's around 100 and 50 miles to the northeast, off Bangkok or Weaken.

  • Speak now to our Southeast Asia correspondent should warn Robbins.

  • She's on her way to the scene.

  • We've got her on the phone line now.

  • Should born.

  • We are getting reports that there are dozens of people fleeing from Terminal 21 shopping mall, where it's thought that the gunman at this soldier is still holed up on.

  • Officials are saying that the deaths stole off a least 17 could still rise.

  • Yes, it's a really confused picture at the moment, partly because it's still non folding investigation.

  • As you say, this gunman is still believed to be on the loose, but also because local media have been asked not to report live from the scene at the moment because gunman who's believed to be inside that Terminal 21 shopping center, maybe watching those seeds and getting indications of well, the police and special forces are to give you some more information about one on one with a civil one.

  • Sorry to interrupt.

  • You were just getting an update that apparently police on military have stormed into that terminal 21 shopping center there helped hundreds off people to escape.

  • So we don't yet know about the outcome for the gunman or whether indeed he is still on the loose.

  • But what we do understand is that police on military personnel are on the site by that shopping center.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • On.

  • We already knew from an update given to sky news by the police that specialist commandos have been flown to the scene, fly a helicopter from Bangkok and that they had been helping local police. 00:01:58.910 --> 00:02:0.650 So we knew that they were planning something. 00:02:0.650 --> 00:02:8.870 When you're looking at live, see, lots of police activity was deliberately being blocked by vehicles so that the gunman, as they said, wasn't being tipped off. 00:02:8.880 --> 00:02:11.450 That gunman has been named Jack a Pan.

  • Tomorrow he's a soldier on dhe.

  • Police told us earlier today that this started.

  • They got a call around half past 32 reports off a senior officer being shot on an elderly lady Jack Phantom are shot.

  • Another military official, an armory where he reportedly stole weapons.

  • He then drove from that barrack into the city of Knock on Rachael seem are towards that Terminal 21 shopping center on then video from that scene show Pity I'm getting out of the car.

  • Gun shots can be heard on dhe reports that people were shot as he arrived.

  • Um, unconfirmed reports one of those killed the taxi driver. 00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:4.580 Also, they say unconfirmed reports another with the motor bike attack decider, but really distressing pictures coming out of the scene there on during the shooting spree. 00:03:4.580 --> 00:03:9.380 He appeared to be doing live Facebook updates for awhile. 00:03:9.390 --> 00:03:12.900 So on one update heap a post is should I surrender?

  • All the pictures are stunned on his face but that site has now been suspended by Facebook.

  • As you said, this is still a very much unfolding.

  • Seen those reports you're getting that police have stormed the building.

  • We don't still know where he aren't here.

  • Report again from local media that there were snipers in the area helpings wth e authorities well and the public health minister in the last few hours has also called for blood donations to this city to help those who have been shot.

  • But we do know that there were reports it was holding, a number of which is, of course, he will be hoping that the news that comes out over the next minutes than ours will be that they have all escaped safely. 00:03:57.250 --> 00:04:1.080 But mass shootings in Thailand are very, very rare. 00:04:1.270 --> 00:04:11.510 We know that this person had posted about previous shootings on his Facebook site, but when he was hiding, it was believed in that shopping center.

  • Police told other people in the center to hide on to turn off their or turn the marchers onto silence.

  • There is hope that many people have managed to escape that I think we're gonna find Maura about it.

  • Sounds like the police have moved in.

  • Now we should find another update very, very shortly.

Seema, that's around 100 and 50 miles to the northeast, off Bangkok or Weaken.

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