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  • Bernie Jeffrey on one of the most iconic players ever, to where the famous Montreal Canadians sweater also possessed one of the most memorable nicknames in NHL history.

  • Bernie Geoffrion was very inventive.

  • Let's put it that way.

  • He got this idea of, you know, instead of doing the wrist shot on the backhand shot, I'm gonna wind up and do it golf style.

  • And it worked.

  • It works so well that he continued to develop it in practice, and one day during a practice, one of the French Canadian write his name, Charlie Bois, happen to watch him?

  • And what impressed Charlie Boy was the lack of the park against the stick.

  • And if it missed the net, which it often did to whack against the board, so it was Boom, Boom.

  • Hence he nicknamed him Boom Boom Geoffrion.

  • Boom!

  • Boom's devastating slap shot helped him produced 30 goals on the way to winning the Calder Trophy in the 1951 52 seasons.

  • It was sort of like going from propeller driven planes to jets.

  • That shot had the effect of putting the fear of God in every single opposition goalie.

  • They were intimidated because we're talking about the start of the fifties.

  • Nobody was wearing a mask, and this guy is firing the park.

  • It speeds they never saw before.

  • On top of that, because he had been practicing it so much, it had any accuracy.

  • Bernie really popularized the slap shot and understand that he had just the flat blade stick.

  • He didn't have the big hook that Bobby Holland Stan Makita would have later on.

  • The Wood terrorized goaltenders.

  • But the boomer had a very heavy shot, and the only thing heavier and louder than Boomer shot would have been boomer himself.

  • Jeffrey owns game featured much more than an overpowering shot.

  • His intensity and all out attacking style helped power the Canadians to the Stanley Cup in 1953.

  • He would then when the first of his two art Ross trophies as the league's top scorer.

  • To the dismay of many fans in Montreal, when he overtook the suspended Maurice Rashard in the final games of the 1954 55 seasons, it did eat it the boomer a bit because he felt that he had worked very hard any hat to be in the position to win the scoring championship.

  • he didn't wanna win it that way.

  • With the Rocket sidelined by suspension, the fans ultimately forgave Jeffrey on for upstaging their hero as the Canadians became a dynasty, winning five consecutive Stanley Cups from 1956 to 1960.

  • Bernie's hope passion in life more than the average player more than the average star was scoring gold.

  • And he was a superior player on all levels.

  • What better linemates and have John Belliveau, Santa and the best corner man in the league?

  • And bright over said.

  • I mean, that's like a line made in heaven.

  • So if you have a guy like Bella, Bo's arguably the best passer in the history of the game feeding you.

  • Then on top of that, you're playing the point than a power play boy.

  • Oh, boy, you're gonna have a bull.

  • And he did.

  • In 1960 61 Jeffrey on became the second player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season and captured both the heart and Art Ross trophies.

  • He played the game the way it should be played.

  • He tried.

  • Don't skate job.

  • Thank you, Pat Chau Chiu jokes.

  • Korea, if you score 50 gold in here, you gotta be able to shoot the biscuit.

  • Boom.

  • Boom's number five was retired on the day he died in 2006.

  • His legacy and unforgettable Nick name will live forever.

Bernie Jeffrey on one of the most iconic players ever, to where the famous Montreal Canadians sweater also possessed one of the most memorable nicknames in NHL history.

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