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Now that Superman is dead
I guess we have to form some kind of
League of Justice
I swear Superman you
shall be aveng... Don't use that word!
I'm alive! Man! What a cliffhanger, right?
so I heard you guys talking about some
kind of Justice League.
Yeah about that.
Look. Diana and I were talking and...
everyone has been responding pretty
positively when you're not around.
Except for the Joker stuff. Except for that.
But you need me! I'm the strongest superhero.
Well the thing is... you're kind of a bummer.
A super bummer.
Well you don't have the weight of the entire world on your shoulders.
It weighs on a man!
Every sky beam... every snapped neck...
Makes him question his core on a daily basis.
god you're doing it again!
This is exactly what we're talking about.
You don't happen to have super girls number do you?
Now she's a Kryptonian you can grab a beer with!
She's cute, fun, relatable...
And positive! You can enjoy her with fans of all ages.
But I thought we really bonded
when we yelled our mom's names at each other
in that rainstorm.
Don't read into it.
I freak out like that on a daily basis.
What about that time Diana and I talked...
That time I was like, "Is she with with you?"
And you were like "I thought she was with you."
What about that?
Look you need to
give us time to grow as characters you
have two chances to save the extended
universe and you blew it. Maybe just lay
low for a while?
You're right...
I'm gonna do the first heroic thing I've ever done
crawl back into my own cold grave...
Which weirdly seems still in character for me.
Thank You Superman. You really are a hero.
so right now?
I love you guys
that is just sad.
We're all best friends!
We're best friends!
We're all best friends!
Super Frieeeeeends!
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Batman v Superman - After Credits

18 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 11, 2020
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