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Aladdin! You just won the heart of the princess.
What are you gonna do next?
I don't know
I'm suddenly not okay with lying to everyone
Actually your line is...
Genie, I'm gonna set you free.
I can't! What if they find out I'm not really a prince?
Uh... Did you take your dumb dumb pills this morning?
You think this is pretend?
D id you forget the song and dance number we paraded through the city?
I granted your wish!
So guess what? You are a prince!
Okay, let me break it down for you, Al.
If someone evil got this lamp and wished to be a sultan or a wizard, BOOM!
They would actually become those things.
Which means....
you actually have 75 golden camels.
And you are literally strong as ten men!
I thought that line was a bit extreme. But hey, it was fun rhyme
Earth to Al. We altered your history, Goof!
You are a prince!
So stop whining you idiot.
I mean how much I gotta hit you with this?
I still feel like a lying liar.
Then tell her the...
We've literally been saying that to you this whole time.
Trust me it won't even phase her.
Okay fine
Al don't forget to take this with you.
Oh, right!
Hehe. That could be a mess.
One I definitely wouldn't want to clean up.
So I'm a prince...
but it's all because I made a wish.
So you inherited royalty without doing anything to earn it?
S ounds exactly like a true Prince to me
You've fallen in love after only one day!
How realistic!
You two shall be married at once!
I now pronounce you...
husband and wife
I always cry at weddings
Come here, boo!
Genie, thank you so so much!
I'm gonna keep my promise and set you free
But first I'd like you to grant Jasmine one wish.
Oh heck why not?
I wish...
For this story to never be made into a live-action cash-grab!
Or I'll see what I can do
Nothing! Done!
and now Genie
wait a minute
You sure you don't want to pass it around make sure everybody else got their wishes in
I mean we could fix a lot of problems, Al.
I wish for your freedom.
Nope? All right.
Do you think your Jafar will be upset about this?
You're right he'll be upset. I shouldn't tell him.
(maniacal laugh)
Iago should be back with the lamp any minute now
Any minute n..
I love retirement!
you know, there's not much of a difference besides these things around my wrist.
(sigh) Florida here we come!
Ooo! Disneyworld
Wow, they own Star Wars and Marvel?
Man, I wonder if the genie can join the Avengers!
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How Aladdin Should Have Ended (1992)

82 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 11, 2020
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