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  • But I thought Party that takes that takes the message to your customer.

  • But also what?

  • Maroon branded products.

  • So we've created a couple of great products.

  • Gr eight Been operative.

  • What sort of great Web media we'll get great planning in for?

  • I've got great switch or get great power Switch will get different brands under under the GOP plan.

  • So the great blinds are coming together lately.

  • Amelia's crying interest one because one of the things that we did on, obviously as we're doing ness forget watch TV the stage before great doing TV was actually the website now over.

  • Websites were done for 1/2 5 years ago. 00:00:53.200 --> 00:01:2.250 Many companies actually updated them and they actually you see calendars on there from three years ago and amazes me that they spend no really changed. 00:01:2.490 --> 00:01:7.860 One of things we thought is that a za new company has a new real ones company. 00:01:8.080 --> 00:01:12.130 On 2007 I thought, How do we get a message to the world?

  • And at that point time, the only way to do is to the online.

  • So what would that is?

  • Recreated?

  • We created something called Great Media.

  • No, that was after I have to see had spent a fortune with a media and dizzying company to actually to get a website up and running right into thousands and thousands.

  • So that was a key.

  • So I thought, must be baited me to do that.

  • So what they said is way would partner up with a couple of the same studios, pull it together and actually give people something we'll be Could Charles my small up front a moment and then charge him with a moat and just keep it running is ongoing contract.

  • And that's what Really?

  • Well, it doesn't really well, and I get really excited because we think great works.

  • TV is probably get in addition to that so we can we can know, start to develop it and take it to the next day. 00:01:58.690 --> 00:02:7.500 And so what we do is we take historic websites from three four years ago, bring them up today and then put a link on in terms of what of other companies. 00:02:7.730 --> 00:02:13.460 So if that fits blue Scary Company, then they can't blue state TV and links onto the website.

  • So aside, great Lincoln really get Lincoln and we'll get some great partners that we're walking back to you.

  • Yeah.

But I thought Party that takes that takes the message to your customer.

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