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  • However, his fantastic started the campaign kid would end on the 15th of September in the Champions League, much against P.

  • S V sure sustained a double leg fracture following a challenge from Hector Moreno ruling him out for the rest of the season and missing the chance to play for England at your 2016 shore would return the first team action in the Community Shield final.

  • 11 months after suffering the injury.

  • Djibril Si se.

  • It's hard enough breaking your leg ones.

  • But ceases suffered that horrible fit twice.

  • The first instant came in 2004.

  • Bring his tibia unfit Bulus in a freak accident against Blackburn with his legs snapping after getting stuck in the turf. 00:00:53.090 --> 00:01:0.900 The French Ford was Buck playing in less than six months and played a partner because 2005 Champions League win one year later. 00:01:0.910 --> 00:01:4.470 With the move to Marcie, agreed CC would break his leg yet again. 00:01:4.470 --> 00:01:8.270 What's representing front in a more game out of the 2006 World Cup. 00:01:9.190 --> 00:01:16.480 Atwater to silver, the straightest legs brute against Birmingham but in 2008 was around the most graphic the Premier League has ever seen.

  • With Sky Sports unwilling to show a replay of the instant do the unsavory scenes, Martin Taylor was sent off for the challenge and arson.

  • Venga called for the defendant be given a lifetime bond, but would later attract his comments.

  • One year later, the striker would return to action, but his Austin late May would come to an end in 2010 when he signed to shock the Donetsk are in Ramsey.

  • The injury to Eduardo visibly shook the arsenal plays in staff and they had to go through the same ordeal just two years later when our own Ramsey suffered a double fracture after a title from storks Ryan Shawcross.

  • The midfielder, was back walking without crutches just a month after the incident and would return to playing after eight months out.

  • Ramsey would return a bad player while Shawcross still receives a rough reception whenever he plays against the Arsenal Elf ing Holland, while show across was clearly distressed by the damage he inflicted on our Ramsey.

  • The same can be said about Roy Keane and his rivalry with Holland.

  • The minute couple held a grudge against the Norwegian, who had suggested Keen was feeding an injury to avoid punishment.

  • But in 1997 Thean act, Hardman actually suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

  • I would miss a year of football when the two lined up against each other again in 2001.

  • Keen would get his revenge smashing Holland's right knee and then shouting in his face while he received treatment.

  • Holland would actually finished the game on play again just days later and friendly for Norway while Key made contact with his right knee.

  • It would be an issue with Holland's left me that would actually end his career prematurely. 00:02:49.450 --> 00:03:0.940 Shame is Coleman, the Irish captain, would be the latest family played itself for a shocking injury, bring his leg while representing his country against wheels, with Neo Taylor sent off for the challenge in the nil nil draw. 00:03:1.940 --> 00:03:5.490 It is being reported that Corman suffered a double fracture of his lower right leg. 00:03:6.140 --> 00:03:9.050 We were Sheamus Coleman, a successful and speedy recovery.

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However, his fantastic started the campaign kid would end on the 15th of September in the Champions League, much against P.

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