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  • Where's the best coffee in Dublin?

  • So my host today is Colin.

  • From three feet on, you might be most buyers.

  • Me, that spoiler alert, I'm not gonna say three is the best coffee in Dublin plan today is to drive around to a bunch of different coffee shops and drink some delicious coffee. 00:00:53.940 --> 00:01:0.430 And that's kind of it before we go and do the event that your roastery tonight, which is what time is that? 00:01:0.710 --> 00:01:1.980 X six o'clock. 00:01:2.320 --> 00:01:14.740 So in the meantime, we will drink some coffee, we'll start a proper order and then to storyboard on dhe, then, uh, five points and then more.

  • After that, first time I came to Dublin was in 2005 for coffee, and now it's the first time I asked the question, Where is the best coffee in Dublin?

  • And it was used for question to ask because there wasn't a lot of choice.

  • One of the spots, actually, it was inside the cafe behind me, which is beauties on Grafton Street, just this giant behemoth of a business that did for a little bit.

  • Interesting stuff.

  • So when I came back in 2005 I got to meet two people.

  • Stephen Morrissey, world champion, well known coffee person on Deaton Piggott, who is now a founder of Take Flight in Los Angeles.

  • We're going to meet them on.

  • They were doing interesting stuff inside beauties and, you know, asking the question of Where is the best? 00:02:55.190 --> 00:03:3.150 Coffee was a really useful question in 2005 and again in 2007 and maybe again in 2010 when I came back. 00:03:4.200 --> 00:03:7.530 But now it's kind of a meaningless question to ask. 00:03:7.540 --> 00:03:8.290 Where is the best? 00:03:8.290 --> 00:03:11.900 Coffee doesn't really accomplish anything because there's so much good coffee.

  • There is no best.

  • You can ask someone where the best is, and they can't really give you an answer.

  • So question.

  • Where's the best coffee in Dublin?

  • Where is the best coffee Really go for coffee?

  • You know, where's the best coffee in Dublin?

  • Question.

  • It's become kind of a nonsense question.

  • True of London is true in New York.

  • It's true.

  • Most major cities to ask, Where is the best coffee?

  • It doesn't work.

  • You can maybe ask, Where is the best coffee in my neighborhood? 00:03:58.160 --> 00:04:2.570 Or where is the best coffee in my hotel or near my friend's house or near this place? 00:04:2.570 --> 00:04:3.050 I'm going. 00:04:3.060 --> 00:04:6.720 But thes diversity now is choice. 00:04:7.080 --> 00:04:22.150 Asking where the best coffee is and being unable to answer It is kind of proof of how much change the industry has gone through, but the point we're at now, there's so much good coffee that it's really become about something else other than who has the best.

  • It's really gonna be about who has the longest life spot who's gonna last, Who's gonna succeed.

  • Those are the kind of interesting questions now, not who has the best coffee.

  • They're gonna touch on that a little bit tonight at the event on what the past is meant for the future.

  • You know where we've come from where you know, having the best coffee was really important or being known as the best coffee place in town was even possible through today and what that means.

Where's the best coffee in Dublin?

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The Best Coffee in Dublin

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