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  • So first off, the 100,000 subscriber play button came in the mail, and you all deserve to see it, because without all of you who have subscribed to the channel turned on notifications, watch the videos, commented or liked, this wouldn't have been possible.

  • So thank you.

  • This play button is a reflection of all the awesome viewers.

  • Part of T P M bids you guys honestly rock.

  • But the timing of when this play button arrived was kind of ironic.

  • So enjoy this footage of the Disney parks while we talk a little bit about what's going on now, as many of you probably already know, there's been a bit of a little shakeup in YouTube this past week.

  • It dealt with a certain type of content that was supposed to be family friendly but then was discovered that it wasn't and win against YouTube terms. 00:00:56.980 --> 00:01:5.460 YouTube reacted in a panic like they normally do, and the shakeup is affecting a lot of family friendly channels, including this channel TPM bids. 00:01:5.530 --> 00:01:14.300 On the same day the silver play button arrived, YouTube decided to disable comments on 25 of our videos and remove monetization from 17 of them.

  • It seems like an attempt to end TPM vids.

  • I mean, what a way to congratulate this channel for reaching 100,000 subscribers by punishing a perfectly safe, quality, family friendly creator.

  • Now, if you follow TPM for a while, you know that this is very much a family friendly channel.

  • There's been so many comments saying, You watch these videos with your entire family, or this is one of the only channels that your parents let you watch or you tweet us a picture of your kids watching these videos, and that's always so rewarding to see and hear.

  • It was the point of TPM bids to create videos that entertain, educate and allow you to start a conversation about theme parks, Disney and Entertainment. 00:01:55.920 --> 00:02:2.600 Regardless of your age, Disney theme parks and all things entertainment can be enjoyed by the entire family. 00:02:2.870 --> 00:02:18.340 Well, now YouTube is trying to censor this type of content and are punishing innocent channels that have done nothing wrong because of a handful of channels that actually have so YouTube disabled comments on 25 TPM videos without giving any notification that they were doing this.

  • They were trying to censor your conversations and your stories you share in the comment section, conversations that everyone can have regardless of age, like which version of Fantasmic you prefer, or whether you think removing the animatronics from Chuck E.

  • Cheese is a good idea.

  • Which thing Park ride is your favorite, or how one day you wanna work for a company like Garner, hold that produces and manufacturers animatronics For companies like Chuck E.

  • Cheese and Disney, the common issue has now been addressed.

  • But with all the recent shake up, this is gonna mean that we'll have to monitor the comments section much more closely on the channel now.

  • One great thing about the Disney community, though, is that the comments sections on thing parking.

  • Disney channels are usually a very positive space where everyone could express opinions and have conversations, and so many of the same viewers show up in other channels like Theis and why newscast or Disney Dan, who both have excellent videos, by the way, and maybe the aren't receiving censorship in regards to disabled comments, but they're seeing the censorship happening through the yellow monetization symbol when all their content is also very family friendly.

  • Now.

  • YouTube also removed monetization from 17 TPM videos, 12 videos.

  • They're still without it, which is fine, But take a look at what YouTube actually does.

  • Once a video isn't monetized.

  • YouTube deems these videos as not being suitable to be recommended anymore because YouTube as a company can't make money off them, so the algorithm just stops pushing them. 00:03:44.160 --> 00:04:1.270 You can see here how the view's just dropped right off for every one of these videos, all of them after contacting YouTube, they replied, saying that the monetization issue was a technical glitch and YouTube continues to deny that when a video isn't monetized, they stopped recommending and pushing the videos. 00:04:1.450 --> 00:04:5.380 They say that views fluctuate, but this was no natural fluctuation. 00:04:5.860 --> 00:04:20.310 Now we are so grateful for all the viewers on this channel, whether you find one of the videos in your recommended feed or whether you're a subscriber that keeps coming back week after week, tow, watch and support the videos we make, and again you guys all rock.

  • But because of what YouTube was done.

  • Video traffic on the channel hasn't been this low since Mane of 2017.

  • It's like erasing six months of hard work and starting all over again.

  • The sudden drop in views is what could potentially end the videos and the channel.

  • And it's a shame, because hours of work anywhere from 20 to 35 hours, depending on the length of a video has gone into producing these episodes.

  • And now YouTube is trying to stop you all from seeing them.

  • So you're probably saying, now what?

  • Well, let me just say that it's not the end.

  • The TPM viewers are a strong community.

  • We just have to work a little harder and condemn finitely. 00:04:59.660 --> 00:05:0.770 Push past this. 00:05:0.850 --> 00:05:5.100 If everyone keeps watching, commenting and liking the videos, it's possible. 00:05:5.440 --> 00:05:7.910 Now here's one little extra favor. 00:05:8.080 --> 00:05:16.830 If you could go back and watch one of your favorite older videos on the channel again and leave a comment with the hashtag TPM crew that would really help out a lot.

  • Now let's get the Disney magic moving again and show YouTube that TPM vids is here to say thanks so much for listening through what's not a normal video on the channel, and we'll be back to the usual scheduled programming of a spotlight.

  • Siri's video either tomorrow or Friday and a Disney beat episode on Sunday.

  • You all rock Thanks so much for watching Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel and check out some of these other videos, which we're sure you'll like.

So first off, the 100,000 subscriber play button came in the mail, and you all deserve to see it, because without all of you who have subscribed to the channel turned on notifications, watch the videos, commented or liked, this wouldn't have been possible.

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