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  • NBC FIFTEENS James Gordon is live in Locksley.

  • James The Fears Riel.

  • Is there enough supply him?

  • Every supermarket I've talked to says they're in short supply, but they also tell me that they're ordering Maur today.

  • Disinfecting wipes and sanitizers of all brands have been literally wiped off the shelves at many local supermarkets.

  • Locally, Greer Supermarket says it has no plans to ration wipes or sanitizers, even though they had a busy weekend.

  • No limit on any of our sanitation a LL.

  • Adams and we're constantly trying to restocked to show. 00:00:52.950 --> 00:01:1.440 The Corona virus was first identified in the mid sixties but has different types, including that particularly deadly covert 19. 00:01:1.520 --> 00:01:13.170 For years, the makers of Life Salt List Corona virus, as one of the viruses that its product kills was Archibald is a local supplier for life salt products and says the company is ramping up production.

  • Tell your retail customers too stuck up there encouraging palate purchases and you know I mean, generally, it would take a long time to sell a pallet down.

  • Now it will not.

  • As of today, at Publix supermarkets, you'll see signs like these with a purchase limit of two hand soaps or sanitizers per customer.

  • So is it hype, or is it reality?

  • We asked bombs what they thought.

  • Personal opinion.

  • It's probably overblown.

  • A little bit, um, I mean, isn't it true?

  • But a lot more people die from the actual flu than this, So I mean, I think people just need to continue just with regular hygiene.

  • I'm not too worried about it yet.

  • It's not more than usual. 00:01:57.470 --> 00:02:1.900 It's still flu season, the regular flu season and strep throat still going around. 00:02:1.900 --> 00:02:17.850 And so I always get my kids to wash your hands anyway before meals and when they come home from school and another popular chain, Piggly Wiggly, says that the suppliers are committed to keeping their stocks dollar stores stocked with all these supplies.

  • So, as the saying goes, you might have to get it while the getting's good.

  • Now I live in Bullitt County.

NBC FIFTEENS James Gordon is live in Locksley.

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