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  • Good morning.

  • Good morning.

  • Now we know the patient is being treated in the city.

  • Any word on how he's doing at this moment?

  • I don't have any updates on the patient's condition, but I will say that the thoughts and prayers of our entire community are with one of our neighbors and his family as he goes through this health crisis.

  • And we are all wishing in good health.

  • Absolutely.

  • How about his family?

  • We know his family is in quarantine at their home.

  • Do you know how they're doing?

  • Uh, I've not spoken directly to them.

  • I think we're all mindful of respecting their privacy.

  • But again, I think one of the things that's been demonstrated through this very difficult 24 hours and we know that they're gonna be challenges ahead is that our community has demonstrated great maturity and calm and resiliency. 00:00:55.940 --> 00:01:8.150 That's particularly true of the members of the faith community of young Israel of their shell, who are bearing the heaviest burden Um, and I'm just enormously impressed by how people have come together in a spirit of mutual support. 00:01:8.530 --> 00:01:9.070 Right? 00:01:9.080 --> 00:01:11.400 How is this self quarantine being monitored?

  • Especially with the folks?

  • Some from the synagogue?

  • Well, that's, Ah, under the supervision of the county Department of Health.

  • We expect that most, if not all, of those who are subject to the self quarantine will abide by its terms.

  • We all recognize that public health is at stake and that it's in everybody's interest to follow the guidance of public health professionals, the city and myself.

  • We are in regular communication with county and state officials to make sure that our efforts are coordinated to the maximum degree possible.

  • Uh, also been speaking regularly with leadership of Young Israel of New Rochelle, and I'm enormously grateful for the for the calm and constructive manner in which they have served as advocates and have engaged in communication with their members. 00:01:57.010 --> 00:02:4.920 I know with other instances quarantine situations, folks they're using, like video conferencing with cell phones or laptops. 00:02:4.920 --> 00:02:9.450 You know, health professionals are using that for those who have to self quarantine.

  • I don't know, um although this is a fast moving situation, changes hour to hour, and I expect that as those hours proceed wth e methods of communication will expand and become more and more robust.

  • But we recognize that there are hundreds of families in our community to at a minimum have had their lives enormously disrupted, and therefore they are entitled to an enhanced level of support and communication and guidance as we make our way through this together.

  • That's right.

  • How do you allay the concerns that your residents have?

  • Well, I try to remind people that this is an instance in which we absolutely should have a measure of focus and concern that is proportionate to the scale of the challenge.

  • But we don't want to stray into unjustified panic, which is simply self defeating. 00:03:0.380 --> 00:03:6.350 We should remember that the great majority of people who contract Corona virus will not experience any illicit. 00:03:6.350 --> 00:03:8.640 All of those who do become sick. 00:03:8.640 --> 00:03:15.850 Only a relatively small fraction will face life threatening circumstances, so this does need to be kept in proportion.

  • And again, I am impressed that the great majority of people appear to have struck that balance very well.

  • I think that's Ah, credit to our community and to the quality of the public health professionals who have been providing us with sound guidance from beginning and just really quickly.

  • One last question.

  • Any likelihood that you think about other exposures in New Rochelle?

  • Well, look, I think logic tells us that it's highly likely that there will be other instances of Corona virus.

  • Simply the number of people who have had potential exposure leads us to that conclusion on, and it is possible that additional directives will follow. 00:03:53.650 --> 00:04:4.060 As a consequence, we will take the lead of the state and county officials who are a TTE the forefront of investigating the chain of exposure, and we will act accordingly. 00:04:4.070 --> 00:04:9.040 All of us are prepared to do what we need to do in orderto safeguard public health to the maximum degree. 00:04:9.890 --> 00:04:11.280 All right, thank you so much.

  • Mayor known Gramps in a mayor of New Rochelle with us there.

  • Thank you so much for providing us that update.

  • Thank you.

  • And again if you have questions about the Corona virus or think you have symptoms, hotlines have been established.

Good morning.

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