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  • Gosh, big interview brought to you by Diet Coke.

  • Crazy for you, I believe it's gone down so well in the UK We're all dying to see it full on Caroline, and I'm seeing that eclipse of you.

  • You look like you're in your element.

  • You really love this.

  • I've just got such a great character.

  • Irene is, she's, she's but the firework herself, isn't she?

  • She's feisty.

  • She's driven, but she's kind of in her right to be a bit feisty, cause Bobby doesn't want anything to do with her but won't finish with her.

  • He's kind of just stringing her along.

  • The typical man.

  • Yeah, I knew about the dancing and performing Caroline. 00:00:57.920 --> 00:01:3.270 I never knew that the singing God, just you wait, singing, training, musical theater. 00:01:3.270 --> 00:01:6.290 You know, that's actually the only qualification I own. 00:01:6.680 --> 00:01:12.290 That looks like it's really jazzy blues, these husky and like second after dinner mint.

  • What about the Irish crowds?

  • Last time we came here separately.

  • Independently, I ended up in a like a par baiting muscles and Guinness on.

  • On the other hand, Caroline was literally having the night of her life in Dublin.

  • I went to a really cool pub called the George.

  • We stayed out all night was great.

  • Yeah, drag queens.

  • So you got the drag queens.

  • I got a plate of mussels and I'm getting Carolina to talk.

  • They love violence, is what it is huge.

  • This year, we were all addicted to do, and I love it.

  • I'm like a viewer with that show.

  • You know, if I wasn't working on it, I'd watch anyway.

  • And I'll be as excited when I win and I go to produces what's happened.

  • You have to text me and tell me everything that happened.

  • So I know before everyone else and it was brilliant and I went with great team.

  • I thought the cast was fantastic. 00:02:0.040 --> 00:02:4.260 Having just before Cameron, you said that people were saying that you were on holidays for the whole summer. 00:02:4.500 --> 00:02:6.480 You weren't your way in the sun working. 00:02:6.720 --> 00:02:9.040 I got voted like the most person who goes on holiday. 00:02:9.050 --> 00:02:10.280 That's watching your in scholars.

  • But it's like it's like what I say.

  • Work hard, Play hard.

  • You know, there's perks with the job on that one.

  • Nice work.

  • If you get it, When will we see you here at the board.

  • Gosh, Energy Theater.

  • We hit from the 19 to 20.

  • Big interview brought to you by Diet Coke.

Gosh, big interview brought to you by Diet Coke.

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