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  • Hey, guys, Welcome back to Just served with a drip is what would be in certain.

  • Still, today we have expect 10 toss young.

  • It's gonna be a quick altro. 00:02:56.970 --> 00:03:2.480 I don't want to really just talk that much, but, um, what can I say about Smith? 00:03:2.860 --> 00:03:6.950 I did make a twitter, so if you guys wanna follow me, my sweater name is Jim, sir. 00:03:7.110 --> 00:03:8.290 So those guys have a channel. 00:03:8.290 --> 00:03:13.890 If you haven't life, comment or you can also be on me on my Instagram anthology.

  • Like I've been getting dams from, like customizers asking for a little justice in something of that nature.

  • But late I don't want every something like how grass Something young guys like you know how you should go about it.

  • I'm not a pro myself, but I am learning.

  • Thrilled me doing all this.

  • So let's get started to show you guys the video.

  • There we go.

  • You know, I like showing it like this because it's late.

  • It looks so cute.

  • Like I'm not even gonna say cute, but it's just like, wow, I want to go to a forest green effect, but it's like a radio.

  • You can see black blood starts here and then you got Greenlee here.

  • But you can't really see it through this late is like you gotta go out in the sun and then we have X X here.

  • I don't want to. 00:03:58.310 --> 00:04:1.370 Just doesn't like careful Late is getting blood. 00:04:1.370 --> 00:04:2.570 This is getting boring. 00:04:2.570 --> 00:04:4.120 Like let's create something else. 00:04:4.320 --> 00:04:8.870 And then we have on the left side, we have him right here.

  • You can't really see because of lighting.

  • I swear to God I have bad lighting, But I do post pictures at the end.

  • And if you guys know this saying, that's from the Moonlight video and then we have him here as well.

  • And this thing there was people.

  • But I'm like, I don't want to draw all these people.

  • My main focus is him.

  • So Ugo another air for his custom, I sort of got I'm probably going to, like, 50 and used before, like I even like spot.

Hey, guys, Welcome back to Just served with a drip is what would be in certain.

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