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  • That's where the share.

  • He's gonna be psyched, but it's your easy now he's no, that's a brilliant tight.

  • Next, he has run a 1,000,000 miles.

  • Dr.

  • Russell to Mae has played it so wrongly, he hasn't hit that well.

  • Bench will take us.

  • Mitchell.

  • Stop the wicket taker.

  • Brilliant from Finch.

  • Brilliant from stock. 00:01:0.480 --> 00:01:6.960 Doing me over 100 and 50 wickets in the eyes for Mitchell. 00:01:6.960 --> 00:01:9.360 Start the quickest to reach that figure.

  • Excellent.

  • Five.

  • Wicked wall for Mitchell Starc is sixth in one day internationals and it's filled against the West Indies.

  • That's our plans at Shaker Dom.

  • Run on to the next side.

  • It's a tough catch, but easily taken on the boundary.

  • Magnificent innings comes to an end.

  • The Australians were looking for a break through Spike.

  • We need to go back on film. 00:01:50.340 --> 00:02:6.640 Here is the break sure stock. 00:02:6.650 --> 00:02:10.080 He comes back in and he takes him a couple of deliveries.

  • Stunning Mitchell stock because for this occasion will take it will pace on the Bulls.

  • Start getting second wicket outside edge and he continues.

  • He's wonderful for me and Mitchell.

  • Stock lights on that's a big wicked.

  • That's what stock came back.

  • Hasn't gone it comfortably.

  • Taken Dave Warner in under that one.

  • Close.

  • Close.

  • Surely, yes.

  • Finger goes up.

  • Music from Stop Don't match. 00:02:58.040 --> 00:03:1.680 Brilliant, brilliant catch Reverse Cup start has another. 00:03:4.040 --> 00:03:19.250 It's coming that way from an outstanding in swinging yorker that is brilliant bowling again outside, this time to cover water performance from Australia.

  • There is a big game beauty from ST.

  • Very, very nice striding stops.

  • That's what he does so well. 00:03:51.530 --> 00:04:6.620 Clean the Tyler You go out of the stumps should be in Finally, What is it going? 00:04:7.710 --> 00:04:12.580 Has celebration tells you it's a good catch by market story.

  • Fantastic.

  • Mitchell's is going to be stopped.

  • Has taken him to 27.

  • Wicked all time.

  • Best Bowler turns a number of weekends.

That's where the share.

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