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  • That down back at a good holiday, really gay.

  • Did it take long to rediscover the love, not long neural on ahead of the Six Nations?

  • You've set yourself a hefty target you and the group want to be.

  • We want to be the greatest thing the game's ever seen.

  • You know, there's been occasions would have played rugby close to that.

  • The semi final is there.

  • But the test of a great team is one of those teams that does it sustainably.

  • The bunch of blokes you took to the World Cup final was the youngest bunch to ever get that, and it's just got younger.

  • They got some good young players coming through him.

  • That's a massive opportunity for us.

  • Yeah, and one of things I did when I came back, went out and what's a couple of club gangs and I saw a young for bank and ding roller moon for North Hampton. 00:00:58.050 --> 00:01:0.090 I thought, How exciting is that? 00:01:0.090 --> 00:01:1.390 We found a few others. 00:01:1.870 --> 00:01:8.100 It's a great bunch now if I look at that of all the Six Nations squad with peaked this the most exciting squad would put together. 00:01:8.300 --> 00:01:15.690 But the likes of Sam Simmons and Alex Don Bryant being talked about, what more do they need to show to start to get to the good place?

  • Yeah, Spike, particularly the Alex about there's parts of his gang that he needs to work on.

  • He'll do that then, and Sam Simmons.

  • Similarly, No believe on a polar.

  • How might that impact on the way we see England play over the next couple months affect selection?

  • Sam and Ben particularly feeling very well with built Billions a 67 night.

  • But Billy not being there, will affect the composition of that background.

  • So we need to look at that carefully on the composition of four and five as well, because there's no obviously big ball carrier in that back room.

  • 100%.

  • So what do you what you thinking?

  • Ah, we're getting getting to a resolution.

  • We had a the first couple days of the catches together. 00:01:59.390 --> 00:02:3.800 All together we had a good discussion about what our best 15 it's. 00:02:3.800 --> 00:02:6.660 So we're gradually coming to Ah to a good decision. 00:02:6.660 --> 00:02:10.860 I think, How have you reflected on what's been going on at your old club over the last few months?

  • Yeah, look of I feel for them.

  • They've made mistakes and they're paying a price, a hefty price to play.

  • But they have been a club that's produced a lot of good players and familiars England catch.

  • I'm thankful for players they produced, and I'm sure that work out a way to get forward again and be a great club for England.

  • And you'll still have makes their your long history with the likes of Nigeria.

  • Yeah, and I Nigel for a long time.

  • And I feel for him, Yeah.

  • Now how much is given to the game, how much he wants England to do well, Yeah, he's one of the most supportive Clubine is in, and it's it's sad that it be remembered as a guy that has been involved in this sort of salary cap scandal.

  • Can you pick players who are playing in the championship next season? 00:03:0.060 --> 00:03:0.520 Can you pick? 00:03:0.520 --> 00:03:4.220 Players may be playing in the top 40 go into Jersey couple weeks ago. 00:03:4.360 --> 00:03:5.920 That's a nice place. 00:03:6.340 --> 00:03:8.250 So heavy together and watch a game. 00:03:8.770 --> 00:03:9.380 What do you think? 00:03:9.380 --> 00:03:9.570 Give us. 00:03:9.580 --> 00:03:10.280 Give us an idea.

  • I can win the championship play test.

  • Look, look, wait now, And that's not something we need to decide.

  • You must have thought about.

  • You must have given it and when it comes up, will make a decision.

  • What are you recommending to the club when you talk to Mom?

  • Pickle Well again.

  • This and it's a reflection that needs to be made that they need to make a decision on what they want to do.

  • And the players obviously have a role to play.

  • So it's It's more about probably the three party scene together and working out a plan for each player.

  • Finally, how you going to integrate those Saracens players into the England squad?

  • One of those conversations going to be like if they've got any problems, I need to bring that forward.

  • Players have got problems.

That down back at a good holiday, really gay.

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