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  • Ah!

  • Today we're making brown breadcrumb pudding for a luncheon sweet dish.

  • It is also good for the upper servants, or a middle-class family.

  • For this recipe you will need:

  • Brown breadcrumbs

  • Butter

  • Candied peel

  • Sugar

  • Black treacle

  • Eggs

  • Wine, and to serve, wine sauce

  • This is a really good recipe because it uses up stale bread.

  • You make it into breadcrumbs.

  • It doesn't matter whether they're fresh or dry

  • but if they're too dry they will need more moisture.

  • I'm now going to add my ingredients.

  • Brown bread is very rarely consumed at Audley End House

  • because white bread is more refined.

  • But there are some who say that brown bread is better for you.

  • You can even buy health bread to ease digestion.

  • Sugar to taste

  • and now the egg yolks

  • Once the butter is well blended into the mix it's time to whisk the egg whites.

  • This can be done much quicker in a copper bowl.

  • And now they're whisked, fold them into the mixture.

  • This recipe is from America and I believe they use molasses instead of the treacle.

  • It also calls for either brandy or wine.

  • I think I'll use wine.

  • There. Now it's ready for the mould.

  • I've lined my mould with butter to give it some grease and now the last of the

  • mixture is going in.

  • A little bit of buttered paper

  • and there we are.

  • And now to the range.

  • Once it's been steaming for about an hour you can take it out.

  • And now we're going to take the cloth off and reveal the pudding.

  • And I'm going to turn it out and present it on this plate.

  • I'm going to serve this pudding with a wine sauce.

  • All puddings are improved with a wine sauce.

  • And I've decorated it with cherries soaked in brandy and angelica.

  • There you are - brown bread pudding.


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