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Heimdall, my friend! How is my lady of earth? How doth she?
She fares reaaaally well. Mmmmhmmmm.
Good! She bathes as we speak. That is good.
Wait. She's what? I can see everything, man, and it is AMAZING!
Stop creeping on my lady friend, dude!
ruggh! (thud) huh?
Loki! I'm dead, my brother. No!
Everything we've been through together has led to this swift and unexpected ending....
Good bye breeaaaaeeeelh! NOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo!
Okay. Let's leave his body here, and get back to the situation at hand.
Are you sure he's dead? He did just make it look like your hand was cut off.
And he is evil. He is dead, my love...
Yeah, I'm not buying it. Here. OOOUUUWWWWW!
(cough) Really?! Okay you caught me all right! I'm not dead!
Geez! Right in the berries!
So they completely ruined my plan.
Ugh! Awe no way! Heroes are so annoying. I know right!
Especially when they happen to be your perfect brother. So then what'd you do?
I had to help Thor fight that stupid elf, and then return to my cell in Asgard.
Oh that's Terrible! I know! I really thought I had it all in the bag too.
I was going to fool everyone, take Odin's throne as my own...
Everyone would have been like sayeth whaaaat?!
Where's Odin?! That's so evil! I always liked Odin.
pshh! You would. So how did you escape?
Magic. Duh. I love magic tricks. You want to see this pencil disappear?
Hey, Loki! Thanks for hogging my spotlight you jerk!
Hey why don't you try to steal some magic gas that no one cares about Malekith? Oooooooo
I'm totes going to control the darkness and rule the universe!
You were foiled by two human scientist and two brainless interns carrying nothing but tripods!
So good day! Hmmph!
Amateur! Noob thinks because he has an army he's automatically the next big thing.
Well, Loki did kind of pull focus. Well wouldn't you?
Absolutely! You know what I would've done?
I would've said, you wanna now how I got these scars?
And? And then I'd blow something up I don't know! I kinda like to keep people guessing!
This sucks! Who knows how long it'll take me to have Odin's throne now!
You know what's funny? If you'd have just been a good child...
Odin probably would have just handed you the throne.
You know? Since Thor doesn't want it. Yes. Thank you for that reminder, General.
You know what else is funny? What's that?
If you had just colonized Mars you could have saved your entire race.
(Gasp) Ooohoooheehohehehe! You're blowin my mind, Lok!
I like this place
What is it called by the way?
You guys stood me up, didn't you!
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How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended

306534 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on January 7, 2014
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