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  • four of the people who died were from the life care center.

  • Colleen Mallory is worried about her elderly mother.

  • Her roommate was very sick.

  • They were isolated to her room, um, not allowed to go out in the hall or to the dining room or anywhere while I found out today that a roommate has been taken out of there.

  • So I'm assuming she has a virus.

  • All those who died were admitted to the Evergreen Health Center, which is isolating new patients and taking extra measures to protect frontline workers.

  • We expect the number of cases will continue to increase in the coming days and weeks, and we're taking this situation extremely seriously.

  • Also, there's growing concern over a person to person spread in the community.

  • Unfortunately, we are now starting to find more covert 19 cases in Washington that appear to be acquired locally here in Washington.

  • Um, and we now know that the virus is actively spreading in some communities here in Washington, on the streets.

  • Some are on edge when we're a Costco yesterday and they didn't have any rice in the flower.

  • This man is in the high risk category over 60 with a compromised immune system.

  • We don't go to events.

  • We were gonna go to a movie theater the other day.

  • We cancel that.

  • You have no control about who's around you and, um, or the surfaces.

  • Cleanliness, disinfecting.

  • That's a really big deal.

  • Others are stockpiling supplies.

  • I just saw the news this morning.

  • More people with the virus with not enough spare hospital beds, the state's governor announced.

  • They're buying an entire motel to house people facing quarantine.

  • We have moved to a new stage in the fight to contain, mitigate and manage this outbreak.

  • For officials, the balancing act here is to get people to take this seriously enough that they take precautions, but not so much that they panic.

  • Greg Rasmussen, CBC News, Kirkland, Washington.

four of the people who died were from the life care center.

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