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Hey guys, it's Melissa.
I just wanted to make a quick video on how I brought back.
You say, probably over like 50 Gundam.
Last time was in Japan.
I got questions on my instagram asking me how I brought back so many didn't ship them and know what any of them I know crazy.
I put all my suitcase and I still had other things that I brought back with me as well.
So just make this video to help out anyone who was planning on going to Japan and once by cracked on good news like I didn't bring it back with him.
So hopefully this helps anyone else who wants to remember what I did.
So basically what I do here's an example of ah friend who brought me back some guns from his recent trip since already built all of mine from my last trip.
Um, what I normally do is I don't keep the box because box takes away too much room in the suitcase.
So I only keep the box art and I fly in and out like this.
And then I will either rubber abandoned where I taped together.
The runners like this so kind of cute, Little bit more organized.
So having a giant cloud of filter through and that's basically all I d'oh.
So you're able to stack up a whole bunch of these inside a suitcase and you're able to bring back a whole bunch.
So I think last time I brought back a perfect great cry around 30 something master degree, they were all piled up just like this inside one suitcase.
So yeah, you see here just mourn and plastic bags like I know you don't like fiddle through all of them, but that's basically do so I just break apart the box are and then I'll just stash him inside the suitcase, like on top or underneath it.
And I are just stock up all the runners together and then just close the suitcase and, um, another tidbit for you guys who go to Japan.
Is that like, right here?
This is from your ABBA.
She always for more from your Dobashi.
What you can d'oh is dinner To get to duty free, you can spend 10,000 yen and you can use your views on top of that.
And that gives you, I think, give you 10% of a discount.
I don't remember, but I know.
Did you?
For duty frees 8% and I think with the same I even get that might do the 5%.
So might be even more.
Yeah, basically looks just like this.
And I just shove him in the suitcase and that's that.
This is what?
Here's 199 high grease.
Because he doesn't really take up that much that much room, you know, on gum.
Yeah, That's basically how I brought back a bunch of gun every single time I go to Japan.
That's what I do bring.
I bring two suitcases in a duffel bag and a backpack and I stuffed full of condoms.
I hope this helps everybody.
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How to pack Gunpla

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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