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and I know it.
I know travel.
I heard my *** talking about me was getting close to the same breaking bread.
I don't even know all the shit I bought your knickers out of shit.
I touch you.
Neither did your great winning.
I'm thinking that off hard with Cuban and real makeup.
Sydney, I love brushing across the name.
I know, I know, I know, I know.
Under a show.
A show, Papa.
You know, I never figured our revenue when it was always a long time.
OK, the control.
So I'm all set to move.
You think twice I have to go.
Not even in school soon.
And that you know what you wanna do.
Free my *** five.
I got your message, Brian.
Miss, you too, Riding in the car with my enemy them.
But they're gonna hit you too.
And I let you got nothing that gets me.
I got nothing against you too, but his mom went missing.
And I want you people to miss your Gucci, Louis bendy.
So you take the risk.
You ain't working in the fashion world with Tammy Kitchen.
You got a roadie and the Cuban for you.
bought yourself a house trapped, my man.
You know, you folks move, Help!
You took *** work.
They went and shot up Mama.
House truck.
You were self ***.
Damn it Took your one.
Well, you never think you think *** shipping lane Drinking, popping pills sinking puts in nickels.
Lincoln, Bad bitch.
Winking meat has opened.
Never blinking folks with a drink.
Oh, God, That what?
You think it worked?
Hold it.
Slow it down.
Got it.
Whoa, whoa!
400 foot truck is a land, Mr Rose.
Like 100 50 different.
That's a Richard 1,000,000 More playing, say five bricks.
If we want a talking coats, I'm trapped.
I'm really, really trapped.
Those clothes.
Want me to go trail?
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Yo Gotti - Trapped

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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