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  • hi guys welcome back to my - why am i screaming play we doing fashion yo as

  • you guys know if you follow me on instagram you know that we moved to a

  • Renko because we put our house for sale and we're waiting for a new home to be

  • built so we moved to this amazing rental that's filled with boxes and stuff

  • everywhere which means that all my clothes are in

  • boxes should I unpack it yes I should did I know I didn't I don't have the

  • patience I don't have the time I don't have the that's it that's all I I don't

  • have all those two I don't have I am packed only like six pieces of my

  • clothing like six clothing items and I had to figure out how to survive on

  • those for the next week or two and you know what I had a good run and I was

  • like really proud of myself I know that with social media we always want to show

  • like new things and hauls and stuff like that which I do not a lot because I like

  • to use things that I have crazy right so here I am creating a video of the

  • struggle that I had to create as many athletes as possible out of those six

  • items good for me okay guys I totally lied it's not six items I don't know how

  • to count or whatever so we have two pairs of pants these are from Paige

  • hello one pair of jeans which I'm obsessed about these are citizens of

  • humanity what's the model Leia obviously one bun down blue a white button-down

  • this is Gary's I have a white t-shirt this is from Uncle Studios I'm a girl

  • Allegra Shah she's doing amazing and a turtleneck just a black Club Monaco

  • turtleneck my favorite I have one coat again if you follow me on Instagram you

  • would have seen this code over and over and over and over again this is from

  • Sandra obsessed with it one big scarf and then I have three pairs of shoes my

  • sense of booty thrifted Frye boots that I got for $25

  • in New York and I got my beloved common project sneakers and this is you guys

  • just to show you how little you actually need it's nice to always buy new stuff

  • but you can really work magic and feel like you have a new look every single

  • day and these are just great great basics to have so

  • you

hi guys welcome back to my - why am i screaming play we doing fashion yo as

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