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  • Hey, guys, Sisters me now welcome to be on science to the belief that the moon has the ability to make men mad has endured for many centuries.

  • Mankind's believe in the power of the moon is so prevalent that the word lunatic actually originated from the left and turn um Atticus, which translates to Moonstruck or off the moon.

  • Greek philosophers like Aristotle also suggested that the human brain which floats inside the skull, is very much like the tides of open waters, making the organs susceptible to the gravitational pull of the moon.

  • The myths surrounding the moon's power grew more popular during the Middle Ages.

  • At the time, there was widespread belief that some people are cursed to turn into werewolves whenever there's a full moon.

  • Even today, many continue to attribute the occurrence of strange things at night to the presence or absence of the moon in the sky.

  • If you ask around, many people would still say that the full moon is responsible for people's unusual and sometimes violent behaviors, and it's even blame for their currents of accidents, flights, homicides and animal attack.

  • In fact, back in 2007 the police force in some areas.

  • The United Kingdom took the mystical powers of the moon so seriously that more officers were assigned to roll the streets at night in anticipation of the increase in crime rates.

  • Whenever there's a four move.

  • Considering that many cultures in different parts of the world believe in the effect that the moon has on humans, we can't help but wonder if there is some colonel or truth in this myth.

  • Does a full moon affect human behaviors of these?

  • And investigations have been conducted to discover whether the legends about the moon are somewhat true.

  • So far, scientists found no conclusive answer to this mystery.

  • Most of them say that there is no correlation between the present couple full moon and people's behavior.

  • However, there are some studies here and there that seem to support the legends.

  • But most experts continue to insist that the alleged magical fax of the full moon on human behavior on non existent.

  • Aside from Aristotle, there are modern experts and researchers that say that the full moon affects the human body because of the moon's power to influence water because their bodies are made up of mostly water day that our dispositions may be altered through the disruption of the water molecules that reside in our brain and the rest of our nervous system.

  • However, the problem with this particular theory is that astronomers and physicists have agreed that the gravitational pull of the moon has an insignificant effect on our brain function.

  • Even the late astronomer George Abell of the University of California when so far as to say that a tiny mosquito resting on a person's arm has a stronger gravitational effect when you compare it to that of the moon so over, even if the gravitational pull of the moon can influence water, this power is just a strong, regardless of whether the moon is shining brightly or is invisible in the sky.

  • Of course, these facts are not enough to convince firm believers in the powers of the moon.

  • And so in 1985 American psychologist James Rotten and Ivan Kelly conducted a meta analysis are the findings of more than 30 studies on the lunar effect entitled Much Ado About the Full Moon?

  • The research was published on the Psychological bulletin, and they did clear that the presence of the full moon had nothing to do with the occurrence of strange and violent events, such a crime, suicides and the servicing of people psychological issues.

  • They even went to say that the further study on the full moon effect was no longer necessary.

  • This conclusion did not sit well with some of the more persistent believers in the months behavioral effect, and it most certainly did not stop further research on the subject matter.

  • In fact, a study in 2030 you found that their subjects, who slipped inside a laboratory rated that the quality of their rest during the full moon what's 15% lower even when they could not detect the moon's extra light.

  • The subjects also reported that they had a harder time falling asleep on the full moon was present.

  • However, the researchers did not attribute the results of the study to the gravitational effect of the moon, but their evidence is enough for them to suggest that the lunar rhythm may play a role in the modulation of human sleep structure.

  • It must be noted, though, that the authors and souls were careful not to jump to conclusions, and they avoid answering the question of whether the moon can influence other aspects of human behavior and psychology.

  • If scientific experts can't establish a clear correlation between the activities of the moon and the behaviour of human beings, and what could be the reason behind People's Association with the two?

  • According to psychologist Lauren and Jean Cap Hman of the University of Wisconsin Madison, this perceived association may be imagined rather than really.

  • They called people's tendency to believe in the lunar effect as an illusory correlation.

  • This means that people tend to perceive a phenomenon where there isn't.

  • We interpret the events that we witness, depending on our preconceptions.

  • And so if you know about the lunar effect and believe in its validity, chances are when something unusual happens during a full moon, you'll take notice and take note of it.

  • But when nothing happens during a full moon, he may hardly remember this non event.

  • As our brain is selective and what we want to recall, we only raise the bizarre events we perceive during a full moon and connect them even more.

  • In reality, this is just a delivery correlation and ask her how the notion that the full moon is connected with many bizarre event psychiatric trawl racing of the Emory University proposed that the lunar effect may have once been a valid phenomenon at some point in our distant past, but not in the way that we had expected.

  • According to racing, before the technology of outdoor lighting was made possible in the modern world, and before most people had a roof over their heads, he will rely heavily on the bright light of the moon.

  • And for those who lived outside before, one shiny may have made it difficult for them to falsely and for those who were suffering from serious mental disorders and deprived of sleep may have exacerbated their condition, triggering there are barren behavior and aggressive tendencies.

  • Other people seeing these mention ailing individuals act in such a manner during a full moon may have imagined the connection between the two and this coincidental association transform into a longstanding myth.

  • I still believed by many today to race, and this makes the long held belief.

  • But the full moon can influence human behaviour as a cultural fossil that got passed on from one generation to the next.

  • Considering that we live in a world where science and logic are supposedly what governs how our modern society operates on a daily basis.

  • It's a wonder why in our cake legend about the moon's numerous powers remains so widespread today.

  • While we have the media to think for most of it, our fascination with the supernatural and our faith and superstitions are perpetrated by the continuous stream of various Hollywood horror.

  • Movies have to pick scary occurrences against the backdrop of a bright full moon in the evening sky.

  • And aside from the media, we also have ourselves to blame for choosing to continue to believe in this man, even when our evidence on the country has already been revealed to us.

  • After all, some of us would rather blame forces beyond our comms well as the reason behind other people's unpleasant actions, then believe that there is something inherently wrong with them.

  • And should the power of the moon proved to be true later on?

  • Well, let's just be thankful that we don't rely much in the light of the full moon nowadays.

  • So if we were to experience some of its effects today, and should the power of the moon proved to be true later on, well, let's just be thankful that We don't rely much in the light of the full moon Now.

  • A date.

  • So that's all I have for you guys.

  • Thanks so much for watching.

  • We'll see next time.

  • Bye.

Hey, guys, Sisters me now welcome to be on science to the belief that the moon has the ability to make men mad has endured for many centuries.

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Does The Full Moon Effect Human Behavior?

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