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what are you guys doing oh that's nice okay let Maximus help you to make Eve is
inert evolving you
I know how's it turn the music down because we're talking we're having
conversation you don't want conversation so you prefer to listen to music them to
talk to your father do you guys know where mama was she was in Greece you're
so smart we told you that how do you know she was in Greece baby oh yeah okay
so we're picking up mama so who missed mama put up their hand
I miss mama too I miss mama too so now the lair is
coming into town she's back from her trip she was on her girl's trip to a
combination of Israel and Greece and now she's clean back we haven't seen her in
about I think she's been gone for about nine or 10 days we're picking her up she
has no idea that we're picking her up usually she gets off that plane she
makes it home on her own but today we're surprising with the boys the boys made
this super cute sign welcoming mama when you guys see mama you're gonna yell what
are you gonna say what you do louder than that Benny who can scream louder
welcome back viewer Jake who can scream I love the loudest
you decided to see mama weird cuz her phone's off flight landed about 25
minutes ago we just got here and I don't know if her phone is off because their
battery's dead and she's in her on the way home or if she's maybe stuck in
customs and jessa turn her phone off so the problem is is that there's no way of
knowing until she turns her phone on hopefully will it'll be okay we can hang
here with the kids at least it's ringing now top oh you just landed are you like
when when did you land you don't have to have a key
that's okay Gina's home she'll let you in I'll see you back at home okay love
you back ride my children with caffeine free tea apple juice both hands
all right I like why you don't share it we gotta get her let's go mama get mama
get her yeah yeah show on the side show her the side we did it people operation
surprise mama at the airport work we made it happen
what yeah okay boo-boos Mama's home well I'm in Toronto back to our regular
schedule huh did you miss me hi beauties thank you so much for watching the
airport surprise pickup with the boys and Gary if you haven't watched the
grease flog please check it out and don't forget to subscribe and press the
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14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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