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Welcome to T P M vids.
Disney beat Spotlight Siri's where we take a look at a specific Disney related ride.
Events or performance.
With summer fast approaching, it's pretty typical for the forecast in Florida to call for rain.
Usually, the rain makes an appearance in mid afternoon, and sometimes this could interfere with the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom.
If it does, rain around the parade scheduled time than a may be postponed or cancelled in the event of the parade actually getting canceled.
This isn't always a bad thing, because you might get a chance to see the rainy day cavalcade.
Most of the performers and characters from Festival of Fantasy can be seen in this fun little short parade, minus all the usual floats.
They'll even run this parade in the rain if it isn't too heavy.
So sit back and enjoy this rainy day parade at Magic Kingdom.
Wait, wait.
So have you ever had the chance to see the rainy day Kallick Aid at Magic Kingdom?
I know it's not the best circumstances.
See the parade, but it's better to see a short parade than no parade, right?
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Rare Rainy Day Parade at Magic Kingdom | Disney World

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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