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on finally, new rule.
Democratic candidates have to stop telling me who they will not take money from money from bad people.
I don't care if they're bad.
I just want to know if their money is good.
Okay, Democrats always living in the world that ought to be rather than the one that is.
My campaign is funded by the people.
Well, great, but I got some bad news for you.
The people are broke.
Bernie Sanders does the best among Democrats, raising 46 million in February.
But in the same period, the Republicans raise 86 million, some of it from Americans, because Trump will take money from anyone.
Super PACs, corporate lobbyists, drug dealers, Russian mobsters, foreign dictators.
He will and has stolen money from his own charities.
Meanwhile, Democrats are competing to see not who can attract the most donors but to see who can refuse the most because they're pure, pure losers.
Bernie Sanders brags that he accepts no money from corporate PACs.
Super PACs, fossil fuels, insurance, drug companies, no, sory.
If you want to give Sanders money, you would better be able to prove you don't have any, Elizabeth Warren once boasted that a college student came up to her and said they had a total of $6 to their name but wanted to give Warren three, and she took it.
She took half from a person who had $6.
This is impurity.
It's vanity.
It's unilateral disarmament.
It's bringing a hug to a gunfight.
In 2008 nobody took more money from Wall Street than Obama.
And then he got elected and passed the biggest Wall Street reform in generations.
He made Elizabeth Warren's plan the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a reality.
So when he ran for reelection, Wall Street was best and did not give him nearly as much.
But he took what they gave, and then he fucked them again.
Theo, this'd how you played the game.
Call him impure.
A corporatist of moderate.
Fact is, he did more to rein in Wall Street than all the peacocking comment boards Socialist combined.
And I don't care which old white guy we wheel into the Oval Office.
If Trump Comtech money from criminals and foreign governments, you can take it from Aetna.
And here's a little secret about economics.
When you take money from bad people, it's money that they the bad people don't have.
You say it's not a donation at all.
It's a fine.
But Democrats, they don't just reject money.
They returned it.
Warren and Cory Booker gave back their donations from Harvey Weinstein.
Why the money didn't rape anybody?
Because it's money.
It doesn't know where it came from.
For fuck's sake.
It's money, not Kale.
Bernie loves to say my average donation is $18 but that's also a donor class.
Half the adults in this country live around the poverty level.
They can't afford to be part of this feel good grassroots fundraising system, so none of it is pure.
The only fair solution is complete public financing of campaigns.
But But until that happens, get off your high horse about wine caves and billionaires who want to help.
Purists keeps saying, You can't buy an election.
I say against Trump.
Please do not to sound like a trophy wife, but Mike Bloomberg's money is very attractive to me.
He's promised to spend billions on whoever is the Democratic nominee.
That's a really good offer.
Even if you hate him.
Think of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the world's ninth richest men spend a fortune to elect a socialist.
Oh, but but wait.
Bernie says if he's the nominee, he's not taking a dime from Bloomberg.
Really, Really.
In an election we have all agreed is existentially.
You couldn't use a $1,000,000,000 war chest.
Bloomberg's money wasn't dirty when it was changing gun politics or getting tons of women elected for taking on climate change.
He spent 40 million on 24 House races in 2018 and the Democrats won 21 of them.
So maybe stop badgering the guy every five minutes because he told a blow job joke in 1980 Be nice.
He's paying or offering two for the election.
Let him just so I don't have to see any more of these mass text messages from candidates acting like they know me.
Hey, Belle, get the fuck out of here.
You don't know me like that.
I got one from biting the other day That just said, Hey, you up!
So you say some of the people donated to Democrats or bad?
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New Rule: Take the Money and Run | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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