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  • (in his head) Okay.

  • You can do this!

  • Man up and do it!

  • Okay It’s likePawn and abandoned!

  • Just say it

  • And don’t make eye contact

  • I think I want to break up.

  • (gasps)

  • Okay. Well When you know, don’t talk about it.

  • No, I know!

  • I want to break up.

  • I was being tactful.

  • Okay

  • Well, I know I want to be with you.

  • So

  • So, so what?

  • I…I want to break up.

  • I want to be out of the relationship.

  • I agree to disagree.

  • (in his head) Agree to disagree?!

  • What does that even mean?

  • (in his head) Okay, wow!

  • That’s good! She’s good.

  • Uhh, okay, alright, hmm

  • Plan B!

  • May I say I am gay

  • There’s nothing she can do or say if I’m gay!

  • I have a confession.

  • The truth is…I am gay!

  • Huh! Youre not gay!

  • I am so gay!

  • Name a member of One Direction.

  • (laughs) I, I, I…

  • I’m gay! It’s just

  • I’m not a pedophile. Okay?

  • I’m justBut I am… I’m gay!

  • Okay, so when is Gay Pride Week?

  • Gay Pride Week

  • You know every week is really a week to be proud of one’s gaydom, gayness of their gay

  • I am not gay

  • (in his head) She is good!

  • Too good!

  • I know what I have to do

  • Okay, pull yourself together!

  • You are going for the jugular.

  • Youre putting on weight.

  • I’ll lose it. (in his head) Damn it!

  • I’m cheating on you.

  • You can see a therapist

  • My mom is moving in

  • I love your mom.

  • I’ve contracted AIDS!

  • You wear a condom.

  • I want to have a threesome with your sister!

  • Fantasizing about it forever.

  • That could be a lot of fun.

  • I think I love you!

  • What?

  • Honey, you want to break up

  • I’m recording!

  • Agree to disagree.

  • Let’s call your sister!

  • No!

  • I… What?

(in his head) Okay.

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The Impossible Breakup

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