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(in his head) Okay.
You can do this!
Man up and do it!
Okay It’s like…Pawn and abandoned!
Just say it
And don’t make eye contact
I think I want to break up.
Okay. Well When you know, don’t talk about it.
No, I know!
I want to break up.
I was being tactful.
Well, I know I want to be with you.
So, so what?
I…I want to break up.
I want to be out of the relationship.
I agree to disagree.
(in his head) Agree to disagree?!
What does that even mean?
(in his head) Okay, wow!
That’s good! She’s good.
Uhh, okay, alright, hmm…
Plan B!
May I say I am gay
There’s nothing she can do or say if I’m gay!
I have a confession.
The truth is…I am gay!
Huh! You’re not gay!
I am so gay!
Name a member of One Direction.
(laughs) I, I, I…
I’m gay! It’s just…
I’m not a pedophile. Okay?
I’m just…But I am… I’m gay!
Okay, so when is Gay Pride Week?
Gay Pride Week…
You know every week is really a week to be proud of one’s gaydom, gayness of their gay…
I am not gay
(in his head) She is good!
Too good!
I know what I have to do
Okay, pull yourself together!
You are going for the jugular.
You’re putting on weight.
I’ll lose it. (in his head) Damn it!
I’m cheating on you.
You can see a therapist
My mom is moving in
I love your mom.
I’ve contracted AIDS!
You wear a condom.
I want to have a threesome with your sister!
Fantasizing about it forever.
That could be a lot of fun.
I think I love you!
Honey, you want to break up
I’m recording!
Agree to disagree.
Let’s call your sister!
I… What?
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The Impossible Breakup

36850 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on December 30, 2013
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