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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.

  • The other day I came across this device long neglected since about 2010.

  • This is the data wind pocket surfer, too, and it's a century.

  • A handheld laptop.

  • I think an old school GPD win, except this is and always was terrible.

  • I first put one of these in 2000 and eight after selling enough sweets to my friends in the school playground.

  • But what exactly is it?

  • Well, late last decade, the whole smartphone concept was still a fairly new one, with the iPhone three G dominating the market.

  • Like all top in phones of the time, no contract were expensive.

  • This, however, was no.

  • For about £150 you've got a device that came with free Internet for a year, and from what I remember, 25 gigs of online storage.

  • After that first year, you could buy more data on prices were still pretty reasonable.

  • I never made it past the first year, though, to find out what the exact costs were.

  • Unlike the iPhone, this device used only GPRS to get online, which made it terrific.

  • Lee slow.

  • I think 114 killer bits per second was the maximum download speed, and so were paid.

  • You certainly took their time to load.

  • Once they had well, you'd find that they'd probably end up looking like this.

  • Do to the five inch, 6 40 by 2 40 VJ screen, which displayed pictures with 16 colors.

  • Despite the speed using it actually feels okay.

  • The Motorola razor style full quot keyboard works well with responsive clicks, and it's not too heavy.

  • Plus, the little bill in mouse here works better than it looks, but aesthetics can only take a device.

  • So far, Battery life was also below average.

  • I remember getting a few hours out of it, but that was certainly enough for me, not just because of performance, but because mine always made this strange and annoying buzzing noise.

  • Cake a button, get a noise, navigate the Web page, gather noise through the device down the stairs, get a few noises.

  • But let's talk about the positives.

  • It was definitely handy for checking e mails on the go and downloading Pdf documents.

  • A few of its primarily businessman focused features admittedly went over my teenage head.

  • The time I just wanted to use it for browsing and stuff.

  • Still, if I got frustrated, then I imagine.

  • And on the go business executive would be to hold on a minute.

  • Alan, I'll have those spreadsheets ready in 7 to 13 seconds.

  • Oh, would you mind looking at them on this tiny, dark and dismal screen?

  • This device also lacks the ability to play video.

  • So YouTube is out the window.

  • It has no speakers anyway.

  • Or a port for headphones.

  • This was a device designed with few purposes in mind, and it didn't even handle them very well.

  • So what come one of these do today and should you buy one?

  • Well, let me stop any of you eager beavers right there, because next to nothing is the answer.

  • Don't get me wrong.

  • It will still turn on and Buzz and then promptly switch off again if you've got a battery life like mine.

  • But the bigger problem is that I can't seem to get it to connect anymore.

  • I can't find any info online either about buying more data.

  • And the device detects no GPRS signal in the first place.

  • So maybe the servers that it used to connect to have been shut down.

  • I think that once the usage expired, you had to get it reset and pay for more data that way.

  • But I can't seem to find any service anywhere to make this possible.

  • And even if I could, well, I probably wouldn't want to.

  • So why did this product fail?

  • And why would I consider a tech fail?

  • Aside from all of the reasons I've just stated?

  • Well, let's not forget just how successful the iPhone turned out to be, along with other Android based smartphones and tablets.

  • Now, this launch to the time when all of this was relatively new.

  • But as we know now, the Internet isn't just a desktop based affair anymore, much like it was back in 2007 when, aside from the aforementioned iPhone, there were limited devices in the way of portable technology.

  • Unless, of course, you wanted to buy a laptop, which would have been quite significant in size on not as easy to carry around a something like the pocket, sir, for two, which I think turned out, was well to be a little bit of a gimmick.

  • See, it was a good idea in practice, a smaller device that could be carried with you everywhere in your pocket.

  • But I think the place for it on the market quickly disappeared soon after the launch.

  • If there was even a place for such a device anyway, there's a fine line between products that considered gimmicks and ones that destined to catch on.

  • Andi, I think it's safe to say which category this goes into.

  • So then we have it.

  • I hope you've enjoyed this.

  • Look back on a little bit of tech file blast from the past.

  • I'm gonna blast mining to the bin now, so thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed it, leave a light on in Downbelow.

  • Leave a dislike.

  • If you didn't let me know if you ever had one of these devices and how you coped with it in the comments down below.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.

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Terrible Tech: The Tiny Handheld "Pocket Surfer" Laptop

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