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  • She's got a boyfriend.

  • Charlie.

  • Charlie.

  • He's a Marine.

  • Rosie is protecting Charlie working overtime on the river, didn't she?

  • They were advertising for women.

  • So we thought we would that be funnel that we could be involved in helping the war.

  • Of course the man has first presented here and that women were gonna work after we finally proved ourselves, and they taught us and jobs and everything, and and we proved her.

  • Then we were able to keep it up, keep the schedules up and get the job done right.

  • They start respecting this, and we all cooperated together, and it was just great.

  • And if we got tired, someday we say this will go to work today.

  • Okay.

  • But most the time.

  • If we felt that way, we'd play a record of little photograph, wind it up, put a 78 record on and Flint, play that Rosie song.

  • So that gave us It said we better go to work.

  • And, uh, some of the guys would say you're working too hard.

  • You make us look bad.

  • I say we go to work, then no work.

  • I'm so grateful that anybody even cares just because I worked this lot of roses left, but they never work.

  • Deliver 95.

  • They weren't that crazy.

  • What do you miss the bus people?

  • All my life I worked around people.

  • But I want people here.

  • There's no people.

  • But everything happens with me.

  • Don't matter.

  • Negative or otherwise, it's all that adventure.

  • That's what life is.

  • You've got to consider that.

  • So you won't feel sorry for yourself.

  • The care is dead.

  • Why don't they just don't have the energy?

  • But I've always had it.

  • I'm just used to have it.

  • And so sometimes I can't sit still.

  • So I have to get up, Move around, think of doing something.

  • Take a long walk.

  • I think walks around here.

  • So age is becoming.

  • I don't know.

  • People are working, staying healthy longer and they get bored and they want to get out and do something.

  • You don't want to sit around, do nothing.

  • You could fall apart that way.

She's got a boyfriend.

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