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  • I'm John Seymour, co owner of Sweet Chick.

  • Today we're here at our newest location in Long Island City, Queens.

  • The original restaurant opens about five years ago in Lewisburg, and I had heard this story about how chicken waffles was invented in New York in Harlem, Jazz clothes in the twenties jazz position went into the kitchen late night after set.

  • Didn't know if you want breakfast or dinner, and the chef was like, I have some fried chicken left over and I could make some waffles and I didn't necessarily think there was any kind of modern representation of it in New York.

  • And you know, I took that and I was like, 100% after Queens, Queens, to me is really New York.

  • You know, there's such a cross section of cultures here.

  • You really have.

  • Everybody lives in Queens, and it's really a great representation of what New York is.

  • And so far we've been open two days, and Queens is really embraced.

  • This no fried chicken is obviously a Southern thing, and you know, not a Southern guy, but I really wanted t get a really authentic Southern fried chicken experience.

  • Use the antibiotic free hormone free chicken raising Pennsylvania Get the chickens and hold ourselves.

  • So obviously they're super fresh.

  • And then it's the bride.

  • Do a sweet see Brian sold pepper, paprika, garlic powder A couple of things.

  • Well, Brian is really what's going to infuse the flavors that you wanna have into that chicken.

  • Once the chicken is fully Briand, we're gonna go into our dredge and we take the chicken fully.

  • Dredge, we drop it in the fryer.

  • When we first started out trying our chicken using open friars and doing some research and found out about these pressure fryers, it locks in moisture and that Brian that way worked so hard to get.

  • And it keeps that chicken just that much more moist.

  • Everybody got something that they like more chicken or the waffle.

  • I hear a lot that are waffles with the greatest waffles you ever have.

  • And that comes from you know, a lot of trial in areas.

  • Well, but one of the things that makes our lawful so special is that we with our egg whites to a stiff peak and then fold that into the batter.

  • It really makes that waffle Super Arian fluffy.

  • You know, I thought chicken and waffle could be a really great vehicle for a lot of different flavors, so we've kind of taken that and ran with it.

  • So two of our most popular chicken mobs of most people's orders the General Tso's chicken waffles on one of my favorites on the menu is the national logic.

  • You know, we just wanna have fun with it and step it up a notch.

  • You know, after finding out the chicken and waffles was invented in Harlem, I really always was a California thing.

  • Being a native New Yorker myself, I was like It's made its bones on the West Coast on.

  • So the idea behind Sweet Trick itself was like, Let's let Chicken Walk will be like kind of the star of the show and really, what we're about that such like a you know, comfort.

  • I feel like it's really kind of quintessential comfort.

  • Millie beat a date on night time, and I really wanted to build a place that could bring in the community, and I mean the end of day.

I'm John Seymour, co owner of Sweet Chick.

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