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  • I've already decided.

  • I'm gonna learn my lines when I'm in the makeup chair.

  • It's strictly for EastEnders.

  • And then when I'm at work behind the bar could be practicing my step little plan.

  • How long were you in the makeup chair for hours?

  • Oh, yeah, a long time, even as a child, you know, when everyone could just do the splits and all that stuff I never do.

  • Never, ever been able to do them in my life.

  • So if I can get it, if I can even get my leg over there, I'll be happy or yeah, I mean, the splits would just be a And is there a dance you're looking forward to?

  • Don't Jive is my favorite events.

  • So yes, it's gonna work out perfectly.

  • I didn't know that either.

  • I want t o on.

  • What do you think any strength is gonna be on the show?

  • I think I already Normally, when we sort of come in and the partners on strictly, it's all very awkward.

  • And, you know, you saw I don't know what to do.

  • But Kelly So Kelly, so much fun that actually we've been having loads of fun so far today.

  • and I think that's that's a massive major.

  • Plus is that I think he's just gonna throw herself into everything from seeing other people dancing around.

  • Is there anyone you spotted your like?

  • She's to be.

  • I'm gonna be completely honest with you.

  • Don't say loads of them like, truly loads.

  • I think it's strong this year, really strong.

  • I think it's gonna be really hard to get rid of people.

  • I really do mean that.

  • I think there's a least eight couples I would say that are really good something You nervous?

  • Do you know what?

  • I just think you can only do what you do.

  • You do.

  • And you, You know, I've always had this attitude to only thing.

  • It's just do your best if I feel like I've done my best.

  • My biggest.

  • The biggest thing I will do is put pressure on myself and the worst thing I will fearless if I feel like I've let him down, let's go for the final.

  • Why not?

  • Yeah, go for it.

  • Whatever it is gonna happen is gonna happen.

  • But we might as well have video making the final.

  • I think you've got to intend to be here for as long as you possibly can be here.

  • And obviously that's to the end.

  • So it would be nice to be the first to get regrettable.

  • Oh, you mean I make happen?

  • Um, well, that that would be amazing.

  • Although Karen has said to me, You know that now that we're married, what's yours is mine.

  • If you if you and Kelly go when the ball, then that's also mine.

I've already decided.

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