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  • we have another results from the state of Oklahoma.

  • ABC News can project that Joe Biden is going to win the state of Oklahoma.

  • He's feeding Bernie Sanders there in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Michael Bloomberg third right now is with Warren, one of her home states, there in fourth right now.

  • And Tom, don't you go up again, your board shorts.

  • What's happening in Oklahoma?

  • Just just real quick.

  • Just because I'm sort of obsessed with this point a little bit.

  • Michael Bloomberg again.

  • It is only his money.

  • It is his money, but he spent 3.8 million.

  • Tell me we're gonna break.

  • Joe Biden spent $60,000 basically to campaign minivans.

  • He ends up getting Oklahoma City Oklahoma.

  • He's the winner tonight right now.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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we have another results from the state of Oklahoma.

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