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a week after going to best buy and buying a PS for pro God of War in a big old four K TV, my boyfriend looked at the PlayStation store like who he could finally experience Horizon Zero Don Uncharted four.
I think you have me confused with somebody else.
Blood born and star, Fox and Rob.
But there was one game he'd been waiting five years to play, a game so legendary that it was able to win all of these awards in the same year that GT five, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider came out.
Not to mention aliens, Colonial Marines from the studio that brought you Keith the thief and way of the warrior.
The last of us.
Our most requested game by far can't be for nothing.
But this isn't the 10/1000 review of the last of us.
This is a review of what it's like to live with someone who played the last twice in six months.
Major spoilers ahead.
Y'all, we got some big spoilers coming.
When he first described the last of us as a post apocalyptic third person stealth cover zombie shooter, I thought we would need to put the TV on the ceiling so I could still watch while I rolled my eyes.
That mash up of genres sounds like everything girlfriends dislike about gaming cloud gross and indistinguishable from the horde.
But I'll never doubt.
Naughty dog again, Naughty dog.
If you're watching, we don't do potty mouth on this channel, but I'm honoring the last of us with my first ever holy award.
I mean, just the 15 minute intro is better than most television pilots.
I loved the characters immediately.
I think it's stuck.
No, no, no, no oh ha ha!
And felt the actual panic of society crumbling as my boyfriend moved through the chaos.
Normally, main characters and video games and almost always Children make it out alive.
But this guy must have had plot armor piercing ammo because your daughter dies.
Don't do it.
Even my boyfriend was like Holy and I was pretty much this when he asked me if I wanted him to keep playing.
I was like because that Waas does not the dead kid specifically well, like the whole thing.
The last of us feels like it was made for back seat gamers, but nothing it has a linear story told in easily consumable chapters, which is becoming rare in the industry.
As much as I like the plot in most open World Games, my boyfriend usually goes, Oh, the main stories over there.
I'm gonna go the exact opposite direction and do fetch quests.
Here you're Frank and then all the urgency is lost.
I forget who people are and what he was even supposed to be doing.
But in the last of us, the plot is omnipresent.
Its in the environment.
Who's with him?
I think it's a pile of dead Children, looms over.
Every violent encounter, plays out on dialogue while you explore, you have played guitar and then shines in the best performances ever.
Motion captured.
You have no idea what loss is.
Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me.
Everyone except for you.
Don't tell me that I would be safer with someone else, because the truth is that would just be more scared.
The cut scenes in acting in this game are better than any zombie movie.
Don't at me, you listen to me, you do or do.
Here's my twitter.
The story driven gameplay is what makes the third person Stealth cover.
Zombie shooting actually enjoyable to watch?
Yes, yes.
Oh, totally.
For the first time ever in a game, I was emotionally invested and how much ammo my boyfriend had left gonna use your boat, upgraded it.
Oh, Shorty, what he should craft and how he should use his items because each encounter was like an action packed obstacle between episodes of a Netflix show or something.
Don't play this game for your girlfriend just yet, though, if she doesn't enjoy crying snuff films Oh, tortellini, a sense of impending doom, torture or the uncanny likeness of Ellen Page when the last of us might be her worst nightmare.
Almost every character you meet is instantly likable and Dustin to traumatize you.
Jules partner and possible lover tests bit Eli's new friend Sam Bit Sam's older brother, Henry Suicide Palace.
The lovable horse shot off a cliff.
David, the friendly yet suspicious stranger cannibal rapist.
This random bunny this'll game offers very little joy.
There are beautiful moments along the journey, but they're still heart wrenching.
Everything you are open for you and your boyfriend will try to ruin them.
Even the ending is an ethical pop quiz I didn't want to take like wait a minute.
You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain away the bodies.
That's the reason I like this game, though it's bold, existential and gives a new meaning to survival horror.
Instead of surviving another generic zombie shooter, the players actually have to survive love and loss.
You're not my daughter, sure is telling your dad.
The developers had an amazing story to tell.
And not only did they unapologetically challenge gamers to feel they straight up challenged Hollywood to do it better.
So should your boyfriend play the last of us?
Yes, and you should definitely watch unless you don't like the uncanny likeness of Ellen Page for violence involving bricks.
Should you watch your boyfriend played the last of us again?
No, because all the emotional impact from the first time we'll be ruined by amateur jokes.
So where they, like Thio, have an idea?
Is that you guys we had so much fun playing the last of us with you on twitch last weekend.
We can't wait to stream something new today or tomorrow.
We're thinking something silly, like Mario party or smash, bro.
So let us know what you like.
And we don't have a video plan for next weekend.
So give us some suggestions.
I hope the wait for the last of US review was worth it.
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Should Your Boyfriend Play The Last of Us?

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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