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  • welcome back in this edition of women at work, we're taking a closer look at just that.

  • Women on the workplace now there many challenges that women around the world and in every sector face every day.

  • And one of the biggest challenges is the pay gap in 2013 women working full time in the U.

  • S.

  • Will pay to just 78% off their male counterparts.

  • A report by the American Association of University Women found that the gap also varies by race, ethnicity and state paid Maternity leave is another huge issue.

  • Many countries around the world have this figured out, with several European countries offering at least a year or more of paid leave.

  • Countries on the lower end of the scale offer less than 14 weeks and the United States and pop on you guinea off the only countries in the world that do not have any mandatory paid maternity leave provisions.

  • Well, now, the challenge along those lines is the balance between work and family life.

  • Under recent survey showed, women are more likely than men to cut back on their jobs on to quit altogether for family reasons, and those are just some of the many hurdles that women have to face in the workplace.

  • But all too often those obstacles include having to deal with outright hatred through verbal or physical abuse.

  • And in Canada, video footage of a female TV reporter confronting sexist hecklers has sparked a debate about sexual harassment and misogyny.

  • CC TVs Christian Yo reports better than hey When TV reporters Shauna hunts covered this Toronto football game, she had little idea the public outcry she was about to spot.

  • Can I ask why you would want to do something like that?

  • In standing up to misogyny whilst on the job and sharing the confrontation with the world, Shauna laid bare the sexual harassment faced by women every day.

  • I think this is a relatively new and unique one of sexually harassing the female journalist.

  • And so I think it's a It's a unique form of the kind of sexual harassment that women face often on the street, but now it's very targeted.

  • One.

  • The three victims were part of a CXS.

  • Since early 2014 female news reporters have been accosted whilst on camera.

  • This tasteless trend popularized by YouTube has become a global phenomenon.

  • when you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at it is disrespectful, Shorter challenged her offenders.

  • We're not the only people having England.

  • Their response enraged viewers, sparking an online effort to name and shame them.

  • This'll man lost his job.

  • Within hours of the video's release, his employers bowed to intense public pressure, made a statement to the public and everyone into their employees and potential future employees and customers and suppliers, and individually do business with saying This is what we stand for.

  • And they also gave a warning to all of the other employees, saying, If you do this, you are in deep trouble with men have also been banned from the sporting venue indefinitely.

  • Message to potential copycats is clear.

  • If you're gonna do something stupid in front of a television camera, you have no expectation of privacy.

  • It be who's all of us now to really think carefully about what we do on screen, what we do on social media, because we could go viral in a heartbeat.

  • Some say this particular trend also highlights the stubborn issue of sexism in society.

  • I think that the question of what one does about deep rooted sexism and misogyny is goes well beyond this particular episode, and it goes well beyond this particular phenomenon.

  • I think we see it.

  • It's extremely pervasive.

  • The public has shown that it won't stand for misogyny when shown the ugly evidence.

  • Shorter's of use was captured on video.

  • But for many women who face sexism and harassment, the cameras aren't there to see it.

  • Christian no CCTV Toronto.

welcome back in this edition of women at work, we're taking a closer look at just that.

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