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  • is in a hurry to rewrite the Russian constitution.

  • He's proposed changes he says will make Russia stronger.

  • But his critics fear do Jin's real aim is to hold onto power, if not as president, than in some other role.

  • How would Russians view that as a good thing?

  • You must have its constitution.

  • I've traveled to the Urals Rust Belt Russia to find out whether Putin forever would be welcome here.

  • Or do people see Russian democracy going up in smoke?

  • So this is Magnitogorsk.

  • It's about 1000 miles east of the Russian capital, but in fact it feels a world away from Moscow because this is Russia's industrial Heartland.

  • After 20 years of Vladimir Putin in charge here, some Russians can't imagine anyone else running their country for news is raising four of her grandchildren in her tiny flat.

  • But his toughest things are she remains upbeat about her life.

  • On about a president you might be using his night only by your in sure a politic you wanta coto so strong on partner motions on me.

  • So I used to put in good another proper schedules.

  • We liberated Oi Canyon so don't immediately was sick, capable president by their own doors and accuse President when you did you Yeah, people don't sit at home all day thinking about gremlins and constitutions.

  • Russian politics.

  • They have other interests.

  • Like sake, which is the most popular sport here on the factory, has its own ice hockey team board metal look, which is an action tonight, and it's a good opportunity to our Spectators here what they think about events in Moscow.

  • I just don't know study.

  • It's, uh, except somebody posted a message elsewhere in the Galaxy Blogger.

  • Yeah, fibula.

  • We'll have left Magnitogorsk and I'm on my way to another part of the Ural Mountains to you, Katherine Burke, because I heard there's gonna be a protest there against President Putin's constitutional changes.

  • Now, this will be the first protest against the amendments in a major Russian city, So it's gonna be really interesting to see how large it is yet rust that constitutes a pretty boy, you know, for a city of 1.4 million people, it's not exactly a big turnout.

  • There's a man over here is holding a sign which says it's not the constitution we need to change.

  • It's the president Putin it's time to leave.

  • This sign says No to the constitutional coup, said Cock relatively smooth Bush.

  • If these protesters are right, If Vladimir Putin's aim is to hold on to power as long as he wants, then I think judging by the numbers here today, it will be very difficult to rent that.

  • In fact, I think that if the plan is Putin forever, many Russians will accept that either because they see no alternative to him or because they feel powerless to change the situation.

is in a hurry to rewrite the Russian constitution.

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