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  • Hosting a Christmas gathering this year?

  • Save time and energy by introducing a few of these simple life hacks.

  • Are you looking to make fun shaped Christmas cookies?

  • But you don't have any cookie cutters?

  • No matter! Many household items can be used instead.

  • So go into your wardrobe and take out a coat hanger.

  • Press it into the cookie dough and guess what?

  • Voila! You have Christmas coat hanger shaped cookies.

  • Looking for a fun way to make homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree?

  • You don't have to string together popcorn like they did in the stupid days.

  • Be creative with that.

  • Pop-Tarts, ham, you name it. Broccoli...

  • They look so good just hanging from a tree. Why not?

  • And for an added touch, put us a bottle on top of there instead of the frickin' star.

  • (laughs) That's awesome.

  • Cooking a ham for your holiday meal?

  • Here's an easy trick to make sure it's nice and tender for your guests.

  • Just take it to the bedroom and rock it and gently pat it on the back...

  • ..and whisper to it.

  • When it feels comfortable then it just tastes better.

  • Leftover Egg Nog at the end of your party?

  • Just drink it, dude. It's good. You drink all of it.

  • (slurps loudly)

  • (whispers) So good.

  • Mistletoe not giving you the desired effect with ladies?

  • Just give it a spritz of some of that Cantonese Anaconda Pheromone...

  • ..and then get ready for some hot attention from the fairer sex.

  • (grandma) Oh!

  • Make sure your grandma's not around.

  • (yelps)

  • (screams)

  • No! No! Grandma!

  • Tangled Christmas lights getting you down?

  • Dude, make your own this year.

  • Attend an Electrician Program and fashion a string of [inaudible] filaments...

  • ..then sail all over to Venice and get an apprenticeship...

  • learn how to glass blow.

  • And once you come back, you can just gather some sand from the beach...

  • ..and light a 2,000 degree fire and make them into light bulbs.

  • Easy peasy!

  • With these simple tips your Christmas gathering...

  • sure to be the top of the town.

  • And be sure to subscribe to Nacho Bunch for some more Holiday Life Hacks.

  • Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy New Y--!

  • (Tobuscus groans and screams) Oh God!

Hosting a Christmas gathering this year?

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Toby Turner's 6 Christmas Life Hacks

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    Halu Hsieh posted on 2013/12/25
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