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Hosting a Christmas gathering this year?
Save time and energy by introducing a few of these simple life hacks.
Are you looking to make fun shaped Christmas cookies?
But you don't have any cookie cutters?
No matter! Many household items can be used instead.
So go into your wardrobe and take out a coat hanger.
Press it into the cookie dough and guess what?
Voila! You have Christmas coat hanger shaped cookies.
Looking for a fun way to make homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree?
You don't have to string together popcorn like they did in the stupid days.
Be creative with that.
Pop-Tarts, ham, you name it. Broccoli...
They look so good just hanging from a tree. Why not?
And for an added touch, put us a bottle on top of there instead of the frickin' star.
(laughs) That's awesome.
Cooking a ham for your holiday meal?
Here's an easy trick to make sure it's nice and tender for your guests.
Just take it to the bedroom and rock it and gently pat it on the back...
..and whisper to it.
When it feels comfortable then it just tastes better.
Leftover Egg Nog at the end of your party?
Just drink it, dude. It's good. You drink all of it.
(slurps loudly)
(whispers) So good.
Mistletoe not giving you the desired effect with ladies?
Just give it a spritz of some of that Cantonese Anaconda Pheromone...
..and then get ready for some hot attention from the fairer sex.
(grandma) Oh!
Make sure your grandma's not around.
No! No! Grandma!
Tangled Christmas lights getting you down?
Dude, make your own this year.
Attend an Electrician Program and fashion a string of [inaudible] filaments...
..then sail all over to Venice and get an apprenticeship...
..to learn how to glass blow.
And once you come back, you can just gather some sand from the beach...
..and light a 2,000 degree fire and make them into light bulbs.
Easy peasy!
With these simple tips your Christmas gathering...
..is sure to be the top of the town.
And be sure to subscribe to Nacho Bunch for some more Holiday Life Hacks.
Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy New Y--!
(Tobuscus groans and screams) Oh God!
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Toby Turner's 6 Christmas Life Hacks

8030 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on December 25, 2013    彭彥婷 translated    Gisele Sung reviewed
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