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  • welcome.

  • I turned to Attica.

  • Brought me a patio umbrella, baby.

  • Yeah, I brought me on.

  • Maybe came with two doors here.

  • That's a Mercedes Stay.

  • With better some counting kept making.

  • My lady.

  • I brought your wagon.

  • It was branded.

  • That's why I'll be racing.

  • Weigh about four door.

  • Had to get ready for weigh about four door.

  • Had to get ready for We got four door.

  • Had to get ready for weigh about four.

  • Don't have to get ready for Got static in my city.

  • Who fucking with me?

  • Put up with this 30 and jump a whole If it hurt that *** Mick that's raised for his gardens breaking a window.

  • Where to?

  • Stick it.

  • Stick it.

  • I came right out of the front door.

  • I'm picky.

  • Picky.

  • Every time she got to come out for a busy busy herding some *** desk on my head, I heard it.

  • Some *** deaths.

  • Janek before Yeah.

  • Hold on.

  • Get a whole lot of Grant Ruby's.

  • Oh, my neck Booth makes man a believing man that I believe in the devil.

  • I wish for Manny buying.

  • Believe me, A robot stop for a lot of my being working while living my life waiting for such a bitch.

  • I got on that tip.

  • You better change.

  • Brought me a paddock.

  • I probably baby brought me on.

  • Maybe I can get a dog.

  • That's better.

  • County kept making my leading product.

  • You waiting?

  • I should practice.

  • That's why we've got four door ready.

  • I feel a bit so long I do it in the 100 coast.

  • I had my money shot.

  • I had to get on my *** up.

  • I had to get him on hold.

  • I had 12 right on my driving.

  • You're saying that my brand?

  • Because I'm only known just floor.

  • Yeah, Just you know what?

  • I am such a funny guy.

  • ***, do not trust me.

  • Maybe I'm a bus way before you bust me.

  • You should trust me.

  • You got it.

  • Just play it cool in the freezing winter.

  • Aboutthe brought me a patio.

  • Brother baby.

  • Yeah, I brought me on.

  • Maybe came with dog shit.

  • What makes you think it was a practice?

  • That way?

  • Four door Had to get ready for a bit.

  • So long I do it in the Honda.

  • Cool.

  • Well, I had to come on money on onboard.

  • I just took a big shopping for my time stoves.

  • You know that I got you really got your home number with No.

  • What the fuck was that?


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A2 brought door weigh baby yeah patio baby

Baby Pluto

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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