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  • I know you want to make a point, but there's a big news coming in right now and that's put into the S Bank crisis Republic Devi Xena knew Zelda Shaman san is breaking the day's about enforcement directorates action against yes Bag founder Rana Kapoor, whose whereabouts are now under question.

  • It is the first central agency to register a case against run at the poor.

  • So I chose are currently all I'm at his residence in Mumbai, Japan has all the details.

  • Shaman, could you get us the details?

  • All the details to love Iwas Someone san is getting us those details where Rana Kapoor's residents in Mumbai is being such Rana Kapoor's presidents in Mumbai's being sad because after they s bank Crisis Enforcement Directorate takes action against yes bank founder Rana Kapoor.

  • His whereabouts are under question right now And that is exactly why the E.

  • D.

  • The Enforcement directorate is raiding the residences off Rana Kapoor in Mumbai.

  • Currently as we speak, such is our on at his residence in Mumbai.

  • Yes, Banks founder Rana Kapoor.

  • My residence is being read.

  • German sand joins us with all the details show and tell of you was about what's happening in Mumbai and what's happening on about the yes bank founder Ron at the pools.

  • Where about?

  • You're cool.

  • Okay, So as as shaman gets us all the details Enforcement Directorate, Such as on currently in Mumbai.

  • Rana Kapoor?

  • Yes, Banks founder Rana Kapoor, whose whereabouts are under question.

  • He is reading his residences in Mumbai.

  • And as we speak, the enforcement directorate takes action against Yes, back founder Rana Kapoor.

  • Edie is raiding the residences off Rana Kapoor in Mumbai as we speak.

  • So the Edie probe is on the first central agency that has begun action after the yes Bank crisis.

  • It is raiding the residences of Rana Kapoor was the founder of Yes bank.

  • And Sharon said joins us, John, get the details on the raids that are currently on.

  • Well, insights, Progenitor.

  • This is a matter of development in this particular case, Central agency, The first central agency happens to be the enforcement director to have been carrying out searches as we speak.

  • We're not given to understand that a seal off Yes, bank that under the camera, in fact, as we speak right now, so terrified there are idiots that are being carried out in a boom by invitees.

  • Searches were being told have been carried out.

  • The residents also see you in a couple.

  • What is not doing at this point in time is exact location off like a bullet is broken coming up, Director.

  • But this is the first big action that you're essentially looking at at this point in time.

  • But the enforcement director now isn't actually stepping in the preliminary futures that are coming in right now.

  • A janitor, first on Republic at this point in time, a big action, If I may say so.

  • As far as the case that has been registered, How big a T on what basis have the enforcement attracted?

  • Ordered it.

  • They just gotta give.

  • What we do know at this point in time is that a peon Lee case has been adjusted.

  • But charity, just to put this into perspective when a P.

  • M on the cases, just like you would have a previous agency to have already filed an F fire Ah predicated offense has to be in place for the endorsement that director to carry out this entire unit's search operation or, for that matter, even a file and a fire at E C I R.

  • If I may say so.

  • So that's not very clear this point.

  • Katie Information coming in first on Republican Azam, pointing out, but certainly in action already underway that you're looking at.

  • Such is where enforcement directorate is on the lookout for an acquittal.

  • Right?

  • Seven right Chevron.

  • But up just to tell of you, Woz that Rana Kapoor would sold his stake in Yes Bank in 2019 clearly after the yes bank crisis spiraling, it said that I haven't been involved whatsoever with the bank for the past over 13 year, 13 months, so I have no clue.

  • But that's no running of it from the crisis, because as the story historian Fords, it is very clear that that would discrepancies happening, but the last for the last few years.

  • It's not just about the last time, once, when it's quite evidence a carrot that it has been happening over a period of time on this sort of a crackdown that you're basically looking it from.

  • The government is also to send out this message that looking out here taking control of yes bank and there is nothing to what he has what is he has been employees.

  • They're concerned, having said that at this entire animal that we have that has been spotted, the very fact that the way the bank was essentially being run on more importantly, when the enforcement director has essentially stepped in, that what is absolutely clear is that there is some amount of money laundering that has been looked into at this point in time, which would essentially bean that money that was essentially which was supposed to be used by the bank.

  • Perhaps it was diverted to other companies, for that matter, subpoena that preliminary information right now a janitor, and it wouldn't really be appropriate to speculate.

  • Having said that, what you're certainly looking at at this point in time is some amount of credible sort of investigation to be carried out right now by the Enforcement Directorate.

  • This is the first big step that you're looking at, right, Sherman, thank you so much for all the details and covered in sand, joining us on the phone line, telling us about the raids that are going on in Mumbai at the residence is off.

I know you want to make a point, but there's a big news coming in right now and that's put into the S Bank crisis Republic Devi Xena knew Zelda Shaman san is breaking the day's about enforcement directorates action against yes Bag founder Rana Kapoor, whose whereabouts are now under question.

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ED Raids Yes Bank Founder Rana Kapoor's Residence

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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