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  • we can do it.

  • The poster depicts the rallying cry for women who rolled up their sleeves and went to work filling in the gaps while men went to battle during World War Two.

  • If I had been a ball way, I would have been drafted because John and I just pressure the same age and everybody on union it was of the boys were going off.

  • So I decide that might be something else I could do.

  • And I also I needed the money and, um, I needed I just felt like I need to help out.

  • Though more meat 89 year old Dr Francis Carter a really life Rosie the Riveter.

  • She temporarily gave up her career as a teacher and began working in an airplane factory in Birmingham Maur than 60 years ago.

  • It was the beginning of women working in the factories and construction.

  • This plant was a modification centre and the plant the planes.

  • I don't understand yet, but they were barely flyable when they came into Birmingham and then we finished them up and we had different groups and doing different things, and, um, the thing that I was doing was riveting, Dr Francis Carter even has a picture off plane number 5000 that was repaired by the women who worked in Birmingham.

  • It was quite an accomplishment.

  • They said, that when they read 5000 finishing 5000 between nine bombers, they would have a holiday.

  • And this is the day they took the picture and had the whole day.

  • And they said the people that were did the last thing to it or it could be in the picture.

  • Her husband, Dr John Carter, can still wear his World War two uniforms and now travels the country with his wife speaking toe organizations about the role that women played in the workforce that opened the doors for women in construction today, after Rosie the Riveter came in and demonstrated that they could do the same country thing minute didn't doing, sometimes I mean better that just opened the door, and from their own tone now I'd say the workplaces Oh, most equally open to both.

  • 15 years ago, Dr Francis started a Rosie the Riveter organization to recognize and pay tribute to all the roses and there rose buds or daughters who helped change the American workforce.

  • The work I don't think was as difficult as it is.

  • It was a new new type of work, but we all felt like we could learn it.

  • We were doing it to get the boys home, get the war over and get the boys home and until we could marry them in that babies and get on with our lives.

we can do it.

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