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Hi, I'm CNN.
Mina Chadwick Boseman.
I'm here to teach you some British slang and I will be teaching you a you some South Carolina slang.
First up fixinto or fixing out fixing the fixinto.
I'm fixing to go to the store.
I'm about to going I'm going Thio traffics in the future.
Okay, A bit more than the man in the moon.
You don't know what you're doing a bit more than a man in the moon, You know that You can't You're not You're not playing You can't play basketball bit water The man in the booth A bit more than a man in the moon Oh, my sign Science Yeah, shine But it's got a thingy before an apostrophe Oh, Smaug moonshine Abbreviated Ugo Great day in the morning I used to never know what this Waas Now we're here because I would hear great day.
Like what?
A deep So it really should have a Do you agree A day in the morning?
You could use if like when you see a woman who's so far like cream ugly it's not really about the physical like you're acting ugly, you know?
God don't like I am studying you.
You other right now.
Oh, yeah.
I'm studying you.
I'm not worried about you.
I studying you.
That's a good one.
I studied you.
I keep trying to stop us, like, go downstairs.
But I ain't studying you like that.
Studying us.
Worried about happy, right?
Throwing a wobbly this'll means having a fit or throwing your toys out of the cram.
Does that mean you're throwing a wobbly when you're having a diva fit?
Have you thrown a few bodies?
Thrown some wobblies in my day?
A shove it don't go for sure.
But later, drink an alcoholic beverage, Have a few shepherds is this is just like strong liquor?
Is this?
It could be anything with an alcoholic content, anything.
A Bonnie Bonnie That is that, like the dinosaurs, if you have No, you have having a Bonnie.
You having a fight with someone?
Way had a Barney.
We had a disagreement would be the diplomatic way of saying, Bonnie, we all know what it actually or you take but an ass.
If someone's in us again, they're being a bit of a tit there.
No, it's more the person that you're bit Yeah, you're in us something.
Are you?
Are such a rubber dumped up to go for a rub?
A dub dub to the rub A dub dub.
It's rhyming slang for a pub.
I was like, I mean, if you ask for a rubber dubbed up in a massage parlor in England, you might get you points.
Just it sounds a bit elicit.
Can I have a rubber doctor?
It's a bit of a Might be a bit of a common chanda.
That's after you've been down the rubber dub Dub and had a few too many share butts.
You might wonder.
Throw up?
See it in your voice.
Gender, gender doesn't work.
It doesn't work it all.
Donde have a ganda have a little look on?
Quite a male.
They would have a gander at that, you know?
Could be Whoa.
What do you mean?
If you have a ganda, it's just to have a look at something that you can have a gander at someone.
Oh, yes.
You know, I I'm going with Hunky Dorey.
If everything's hunky dorey, it's great.
Tickety boo.
Yeah, I think we stole that too.
Did you not self.
But you have heard a hunky dory.
Ming Ming Ming Ming Ming Ming.
What is that ugly?
Oh, he's If someone's making, they're not attractive.
You could say what a mega would've.
I like that.
Oh, he's such a genius.
Such I think I think it's quite me.
We don't like to talk about people, but, you know, saying it might come up good.
I like that one.
Yeah, like rub a dub dub, too.
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Chadwick Boseman and Sienna Miller Teach You South Carolina and British Slang | Vanity Fair

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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