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  • For those of you who are still in denial that summer's over, here's a way to transition your summer dresses into the school year.

  • This little game number has been my absolute go to this summer.

  • I'd like to imagine that if I ever vacationed in the Hamptons this way, make sure, you know, distract any boys with my expose shoulders or anything horrendous like that.

  • I threw on this oversized denim jacket and cost the sleaze.

  • If you go to college like me, you might need some Sonny's for in between classes minor this round pair from top shop that I absolutely love and are also my only pair of sunglasses.

  • I kept my shoes practical and comfortable with these platform kids, which may or may not have stolen their designs.

  • This next outfit is a little more preppy and kind of Blair Waldorf for inspired for those of you who take your school and social life very seriously, The centerpiece of this outfit is this gingham miniskirt that's like an updated version of a plaid schoolgirl skirt.

  • I can't my top simple with this black mark.

  • Next t The sleeves were originally a little bit longer, but I rolled them out.

  • For a more Taylor look, add a little bit of my quirky style to an otherwise preppie outfit.

  • I layered these fun, glittery socks under my pointed lovers, and the headband is totally optional, but definitely completes the schoolgirl vibes.

  • This one looks like I went to the trouble of wrapping a scarf around my head, but it's actually just Here's my take on the classic jeans and a T shirt combo.

  • I don't want any band tease because I'm not a cool kid like that, but I do own this vintage periodic table of the elements, which has also come in handy many a time in chemistry class.

  • Since it is oversized.

  • I tucked it in all the way around to give it a little bit more shape.

  • Now let's talk about the genes.

  • These are my first pair of vintage ish, non skinny jeans.

  • Yes, I'm like three years behind on that trend, and I absolutely love them.

  • It took me a long time to find a flattering fit, since I'm a little bit on the shorter side and I feel like these genes can accentuate that.

  • But to balance that out, I threw on these loafer slide mule thing, ese.

  • Then help elongate my legs thanks to the point in tow.

  • Also, I'm just obsessed with issues in general.

  • They make any outfit look cool.

  • And if you're really going through a hipster phase or you're just too lazy to bother putting on contacts like me, glasses don't look half bad with this one.

  • Goes out to all my girly girls who just wanna look cute on their first day of school.

  • I remember in high school I take advantage of any possible opportunity to dress up, so I totally get you this'll A whole number is the most ladylike dress I am.

  • This is what is timeless and universally flattering, and you can never go wrong with a girl.

  • The twirly circles I love the floral is more toned down and kind of watercolor inspired, as opposed to some of the really in your face florals you see these days, thes shoes make the outfit looks super fancy, but they're actually pretty low heels that are incredibly easy to walk in, and we'll make obnoxious clacking sounds in the hallways.

  • If you're self conscious about that sort of thing, here's another casual option if you're not one for dressing up, Andrew School has a little bit more of a relaxed dress code.

  • Or, if you want to rebel against the patriarchal double standards of school dress codes while looking cute, of course.

  • My top is from Brandy Melville and has the adorable little buttons in the front that give me a little bit of a 95.

  • I paired that with my go to distressed denim shorts, which, thinks of the longer back panel actually cover a sufficient amount of my butt continue on the nineties, kid themed I finished off the look with my trusty white converse and glittery socks to make it a little less basis.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • I really hope you enjoyed this look book as much as I enjoyed making it.

  • If you like this video, don't forget to click that subscribe button for new videos every single Thursday.

  • So you guys next week.

For those of you who are still in denial that summer's over, here's a way to transition your summer dresses into the school year.

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