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I'm a friend and I'm sound We hear in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with the Big Rat go.
So at the big raga, we specialize in Milan style pizza.
Milan style pizza is similar to a Sicilian part, but it's cooked more like a souffle because they cook in such a hot oven.
They have to use a lot of sauce on the top so that crust doesn't burn.
And as it cooks, the source reduces.
And then they take it out and they just put the puts it on top.
So it's almost like a pizza souffle.
Light, airy.
It's, you know, it's full of sauce and cheese fattening.
It's delicious, undeniably delicious.
It's something that a lot of people that have never been to Milan have an experience yet.
And, uh, you know, we just hope everybody loves that many pioneers.
Very good answer.
Very good answer.
So the way we make our dough, we do a simple dough with water Salt east, and we throw a little shortening instead of oil.
I kind of used my hand, you know, for ingredients.
I kind of feel it doing my whole life.
It's like a box of bullets, old feeling good about you.
Let it makes for a while, too.
And then I rolled up with the hands.
Old school style.
Let it sit for a long period of time.
Put it in oil proofing box.
Get out of the proof box stretching in a Pam Macy Nice.
Well sauce on it in the oven way.
Use a recipe from the seventies from Cookbook or the Marcello liaison.
Hang like Julia Child.
She issued this The sauce that's so simple that you mixed up the whole cookbook.
World went, I guess, for back then viral and everybody was making it because it was so simple.
So she would just take a small candidate.
Made has taken on you.
Cut it in half five tablespoons of sold a bottle and put it on medium heat.
45 minutes and it's done, and I tasted I couldn't believe how delicious and how simple.
Hence the name.
The big bag.
Oh, granted, there's no meeting the source.
Big sauce.
It's all about this sauce is the boys.
We use a more of a New York style pizza cheese pizza.
It's sliced on a slice and machine that slice a little bit thicker than the way you would get it in the deli.
You know, we just cover the entire top of the pizza with a pizza cheese.
What's it out?
And when we put it back in the oven, you don't cook it well done cooking where it's just melted all the way through, but it's not crispy or burnt at all way.
Cooked pies in 800 degree oven that actually rotates, and it cooks over a heating element so you actually get heat from the bottom.
So in Milan, they have to use the embers from the wood to Chris the bottom of the pile, because in a neopolitan oven, you get mostly top eating my bottom.
Our oven was designed to get hot on the bottom because it gets hit with the flame from underneath.
What you're trying to achieve is, you know, a consistency that's coped, and it's not raw, but it's going.
It's not like a Sicilian slice where its trip you all the way through when you caught it into a man, you pull it out of the pan and cheese, destructions and everything.
It's just so us.
Sal first cousins.
We've been friends since we've been literally a baby born in Brooklyn.
But I grew up on Staten Island.
You know, a lot of people don't know about that.
It's still the forgotten borrowed.
But in the pizza world lately, and then it's emerged as a beacon of Hey, the best pieces and stand out and you know something, right?
There's a lot of great pizza in Staten Island, and we will take part of that.
You know, we had a pizzeria restaurant, Staten Island Forever facilities restaurant, Forest Avenue.
It's where it all started.
I could say that finding somebody that you could be in business with is a big challenge, finding somebody that you could be in business with and light to spend time with.
That's like you know the best thing in the world, you know?
So you know, me and my cousin.
We started out, of course, first causes and best friend and then became partners, and it's, you know, it's great.
It's a dream come true.
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What Is Milan-Style Pizza? | Food Skills

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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