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  • Gary Neville is part of our commentary team this evening here at Old Trafford.

  • Garry Fernandez and a Garlow.

  • What have you made of Manchester United transfer window?

  • Well, they needed some players in, obviously lots of spoken that about midfield.

  • It was desperately, it's a desperate situation of fear with Pope was in dramatic.

  • Tommy's injury and I don't have quality in there even with those to fit.

  • So I think Bruno Fernandez was needed, hopefully all settling straightaway.

  • He's only had one training session, big expectations.

  • I think the club needed to do it to show that there's a continued investment, the fans of dousing the ownership in the executive quite heavily.

  • I think gigolo, they just needed a body in the area of Russia is gonna be out for another couple of months.

  • I can't let the club off the hook, though.

  • Unfortunately, the idea that the cock you told a couple of weeks ago that he said that he was going to leave last February March is nine months to be able to maneuver and get into a position to sign a striker for the club.

  • For the long term, they've ended up desperately doing when undead transfer deadline day.

  • The boy may do very well.

  • He might come in and satellite.

  • You might score goals and do a job for the club.

  • But the fact that the club were in that position, knowing that Sanchez and the cocky we're leaving for many, many months tells that managed to unite this moment in time, is struggling to navigate through the transfer market smartly.

  • As you alluded to there.

  • There have been tensions off the picture at Manchester United what you're expecting from the atmosphere here tonight winning.

  • I think it'll be fine in the general consensus sports.

  • A few fans outside the stadium before on their feeling, was they weren't going to walk out.

  • However, if 55 60 minutes in wolves are one or two nil up, it was going to get moved in here.

  • I mean Burnley a week or so ago.

  • I reckon the must be 5000 funds in this stadium at the end of the game is a desperate situation that it's like that again.

  • Today.

  • We sort of 10 15 minutes to go.

  • It's not good is not good at all or nothing to say.

  • Mood is the word I would use to describe it.

  • But if the team are playing well, if Fernandez he's running the show with Freddie midfield has been fantastic and I think the fans will be as they always have.

  • Bean.

  • The problem isn't with the players from the fan of the problem isn't with the manager necessarily, the problem goes higher up.

Gary Neville is part of our commentary team this evening here at Old Trafford.

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Gary Neville’s honest assessment of Man United’s new signings Bruno Fernandes & Odion Ighalo

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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