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  • - Yeah.

  • - ...they told me where it was and I went out thereand they were like looked really nice too.

  • - It did? Good, I was hoping it would look good.

  • - Yeah, I'm sure I'll get the free food...

  • - Yeah, yeah, it's great to get the free food.

  • - Are you answering what I'm saying?

  • - No, no, I'm on the phone with somebody. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude.

  • - Ok...ummm... what was that?

  • - I just said I was on the phone with somebody.The guy next to me asked me if I was talking...

  • the guy. He's talkingabout me on the phone or something...

  • - I, I don't know.

  • - yeah, I don't know either, it's weird.

  • - Yeah, I know we're getting on pretty soon.

  • - Yeah, I'm waiting for my partner.

  • - Yeah, me too.

  • - Do you know what terminals Spirit arrives in?

  • - Yeah, I think it arrives in like Terminal 3.

  • - OK, so you could just text me which terminal it is?

  • - Great, yeah I'll text you later. If you didn't believe me, I'll double check and I'll just text you.

  • - No maybe, maybe it'll be OK. I'll just (laughs) like got to get there.

  • - Yeah, you can just look it up when you get there. That's probably a better idea.

  • - How late is your plane delayed?

  • - It's like 20 minutes late I think. I thinkit's probably going to be about 20 minutes.

  • - Is that your sister with you?

  • - No, no, I don't have a sister. Why--why do you ask?

  • - You're, like, answering the same questions.

  • - I'm sorry?

  • - I feel like you're answering my questions.

  • - No, no no, I..I'm talking to somebody. It's--it's my friend.

  • - I'm at the airport.

  • - Yeah, me too, I'm sitting here at the airport,just waiting to get on the flight. Oh, I'm sorry...

  • - Ah...I got a B+ on the ....

  • - Oh, a B+ that's good. Congratulations, that isnot know the reception's...

  • kind of bad over here. I'm going to move over...Oh, it's better here. It's definitely better here.

  • - No, it's delayed for probably 30 minutes.

  • - What do you want for dinner?

  • - Oh man, I could go for anything, maybe a burger tonight.

  • -Or burger and fries, pizza, you know something...

  • - Where are the kids at?

  • - I don't have kids why...why do you ask?

  • - Hey you want to go out later?

  • - Yeah, definitely. Like, as soon as Iland you know let's...let's go out.

  • - I'll meet you about 6 o'clock at the house.

  • - OK, fine, 6 at the house is great. That'd be perfect. Got to take the flight first.

  • - Are you talking to me?

  • - No, no, I'm on the phone.

  • - No, it was just the girl next to me. She wasjust talking to me while I was on the phone.

  • - OK, well I'll talk to you later then.

  • - OK, perfect, talk to you later. Great.

  • - OK.-OK.

  • - Love you-Love you too.

  • - Bye.-Bye bye. Okay.

  • - I'll text you.

  • - Great, text me. Text me and I'lltext you back. That sounds perfect.

  • - OK, talk to you soon. Bye.

  • - OK, talk to you later. Bye bye. Bye bye.

  • - Were you listening to my conversation?

  • - No, no. No. I was on the phone with my buddy,

  • - Wow, that's weird,

  • - Yeah. Yeah, OK, maybe I was a little bit. See there's a hidden camera right there.

  • You see that, that's a camera. That's my wife holding the camera.

  • We do this for You Tube. Is that cool with you?

  • - Yeah.

  • - That's so awesome. Thanks a lot for being in the video.

- Yeah.

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